ABINGTON (CBS) – An Abington School Committee Chairman has resigned a week after he performed a controversial magic trick where he pretended to pull the bra off of a female committee member at a live televised meeting.

Russell Fitzgerald, who typically started the committee meetings with a magic trick, notified School Superintendent Peter Schafer of his resignation on Monday, Schafer confirmed to WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

Last Tuesday, Fitzgerald pulled out several handkerchiefs, called Steven Shannon, Abington’s Teacher of the Year, to come forward, and then called on school committee member Ellen Killian.

Fitzgerald then performed a trick that made it look like he and Shannon pulled Killian’s bra off through her clothes.

A tape of the show has not yet been placed on the Abington public access cable channel website.

  1. Dar says:

    This Magic track is nearly thirty years old…The problem is the presentation..and delivery..it suppose to be a fun and non embarrassing trick…if the bra was multicolored like a clown or something…Delivery is half the magic show..

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