Keller @ Large: What’s Wrong With These Stories?

BOSTON (CBS) – I hope you’re sitting down for this one.

According to the Globe, 17-year-old kid in a Department of Youth Services lockup got a day pass to go to last Saturday’s Red Sox-Rangers game.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Instead, police say, he cut out of the game early and headed over to the South End where he murdered an 18 year old in cold blood.

Excuse me?

The story doesn’t say what the kid was in DYS for, but we can safely assume it wasn’t for improper disposal of chewing gum.

And inquiring minds want to know more.

Was there an escort in charge of this little outing?

How does this alleged killer afford a ticket to Fenway?

And who in their right mind is releasing a juvenile this dangerous onto the streets once they have him locked up?

The same sort of questions grounded in stunned disbelief can be asked of Gov. Deval Patrick, who continues to refuse to have the state go along with a federal program that speeds the sharing of data about repeat offenders with federal immigration authorities.

Doing everything you can to make sure good candidates for deportation are brought to the attention of the feds is a bad idea, Patrick claims, there’s no need for it.

His priority is making sure illegals who aren’t driving drunk or pillaging don’t get “worried about being targeted.”

Excuse me again?

There should be no higher priority than protecting the public from violent criminals, especially the immigrant communities that are most often victimized by the thugs among them.

If Gov. Patrick hadn’t been so busy pandering to political correctness, the feds might have gotten their hands on Nicolas Guaman before he allegedly drove drunk and killed Matthew Denice of Milford last month.

Repeat after me, confused politicians and bureaucrats – we law-abiding folks, we’re the good guys.

The drunk-drivers and gang-bangers deserve to be locked up or deported, not coddled and taken to the ball game.

Is that really so hard to understand?

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