BOSTON (CBS) – I hope you’re sitting down for this one.

According to the Globe, 17-year-old kid in a Department of Youth Services lockup got a day pass to go to last Saturday’s Red Sox-Rangers game.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Instead, police say, he cut out of the game early and headed over to the South End where he murdered an 18 year old in cold blood.

Excuse me?

The story doesn’t say what the kid was in DYS for, but we can safely assume it wasn’t for improper disposal of chewing gum.

And inquiring minds want to know more.

Was there an escort in charge of this little outing?

How does this alleged killer afford a ticket to Fenway?

And who in their right mind is releasing a juvenile this dangerous onto the streets once they have him locked up?

The same sort of questions grounded in stunned disbelief can be asked of Gov. Deval Patrick, who continues to refuse to have the state go along with a federal program that speeds the sharing of data about repeat offenders with federal immigration authorities.

Doing everything you can to make sure good candidates for deportation are brought to the attention of the feds is a bad idea, Patrick claims, there’s no need for it.

His priority is making sure illegals who aren’t driving drunk or pillaging don’t get “worried about being targeted.”

Excuse me again?

There should be no higher priority than protecting the public from violent criminals, especially the immigrant communities that are most often victimized by the thugs among them.

If Gov. Patrick hadn’t been so busy pandering to political correctness, the feds might have gotten their hands on Nicolas Guaman before he allegedly drove drunk and killed Matthew Denice of Milford last month.

Repeat after me, confused politicians and bureaucrats – we law-abiding folks, we’re the good guys.

The drunk-drivers and gang-bangers deserve to be locked up or deported, not coddled and taken to the ball game.

Is that really so hard to understand?

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Comments (19)
  1. tsal says:

    Jon I was sitting down and I still felt the ground shake. The story is beyond belief.

    I am not sure what to think about the database for the illegals. I know they tried it in Framingham and it didn’t work. I can’t remember what the problems were but see to remember that they found that crime increased because those who were at one time willing to step up to report a problem or a person causing the problem were no longer willing. In addition it took police off the streets. Remember, there has been a hiring freeze on police in MA for years while during that time there have been officers leaving to retire or for any number of other reasons.

    I’m not saying we do not need these programs but I am saying that what seems obvious isn’t always quite so black and white

    1. frank says:

      Yea because its so much better to sit around and do nothing at all about the problem. These illegals come here because they know they are protected in mass and don’t have to worry about getting deported. Also its not like anyone here turns them in anyways!

      1. tsal says:

        I don’t quite understand your comment?

  2. Stephen Stein says:

    “The story doesn’t say what the kid was in DYS for”

    Sure it does: “He had been placed in custody of the Department of Youth Services for a December 2010 gun possession charge, prosecutors said.”

    That doesn’t change the fact that this “day pass” policy (which the article says is to transition juveniles who are about to “age out” of the system) seems to be seriously flawed.

  3. emom says:

    OH the irony of being completely clueless.. Our SO CALLED officials, seem to have this notion , that reform means anyone that commit’s a crime, is here illegally, or blatantly lie’s to you should get the ultimate in rewards. I cringe when I hear yet another story of criminals having something special given to them … REWARDING the bad, giving special rewards for bad behavior, WAIT THAT’S WHAT WE DO WITH POLITICIANS, we reward them RIGHT, so what’s the difference… I just do not understand WHAT ARE THEY THINKING, Are those in charge to keep these people locked up, are they completely naive , they seem to believe in , they are rehabilitated, SURE THEY ARE, that’s because they have fooled you and you well bought it… I am willing to bet this kid was in the system for something serious, something real bad, BUT they rewarded him with a great time since he showed he has learned his lesson… YEAH and how many of his buddies visited him and talked smack of this guy he went after.. Bet it was someone that helped put him there. Yeah failure at its best.. BUT officials will cry…. WE HAVE HAD SO MANY CUTS AND DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO MONITOR THESE KIDS…
    You know JON this ties in with the government doing nothing to help us only to hurt us yet again.. Yeah cut funding to things needed and to help protect the public.. Yeah another case of DO NOTHING while reaping rewards for it.

  4. Steve says:

    Being here illegally is a crime. Hence, “illegal” immigrant. To hear Devil say things like we don’t want illegal immigrants to be worried about being a target… THEY ARE! They are or should be treated the same as anyone else who breaks the law. So I suppose if someone were arrested for beating and robbing a person, but the police said, well, we’re only going after the beating part of the crime and letting the robbery slide; that’d be okay? How is it any different if an illegal immigrant commits a crime. You can’t simply ignore the fact that they are here illegally, that in and of itself is a crime. Why ignore that portion? If you are here illegally then you should be worried about being targeted. There are plenty of people who fought the struggle to come to this country legally. If they can do it, so should every other immigrant.

  5. bakedbean says:

    What do you expect of Deval?Close associate of Barack who has TWO illegal relatives living in Massachusetts, an aunt and an uncle.God Forbid Deval should infringe on the friendship by doing something to protect legal citizens.

  6. FireGuyFrank says:


    Sorry Bay Staters, you voted for these people and this is what you’re getting. I voted for Republicans — even a RINO is better than the present Beacon Hill moon bats.

    Funny, given the comments I see one would think Massachusetts is more purple than blue. Guess those who would defend Deval Patrick don’t choose to reply.

    Or, they know there is no credible defense.

    Would the last one out of Massachusetts please turn off the lights.

    1. tsal says:

      FireGuyFrank – I am sorry to say I can’t remember specifics but do you recall a convenience store owner being murdered by a man released from prison in the not so distant past? The heads of the hearing board who approved release were appointed by a republican governor. It really isn’t about party no matter how much people want to make it so.

  7. tsal says:

    I voted for Patrick and I’d vote for him all over again. He’s led us through this mess better than most and that’s what we are getting. I do not like all of his policies but it would be ridiculous to think that I could or should.

    It seems there is a revolving door at prisons. The question is how to stop a person from going back into society and repeating. I also didn’t read that he was illegal although Steve above mentioned illegal immigrant. Did I miss that?

    1. like it is says:

      Vote for again??? Vote for him to trash this state more than he already has?? He is FOR illegals, he is FOR over spending, he is FOR raising taxes, he has NOT created any jobs, he has allowed repairs to our cities to fall over budget and resulting in shoddy work!!

      It’s voters like this that make me wonder if anyone in this state even has a brain in their head anymore!

  8. Joan Hogan says:

    I agree with Jon Keller. The State Of Massachusetts Has A Ineffective Governor.
    The People Of Massachusetts deserve 100% better. I Think Governor Patrick
    should be Impeached. The Illegal Immigrants Should be Deported. THe Governors Attitude , Is Raising The Crime Level. The Governor Is More Concerned with Taking away Necessary Services The Legal Citizens Of Massachusetts should benefit from. I Wonder IF Governor Patrick Has A Friendship with the Illegal Immigrants, And Is He Getting A Monetary Compensation. ?

  9. RONWIE says:

    Once again, we are wringing our hands over the senseless death of an innocent person at the hands of a drunk driver.

    The following is a latter I wrote last year to a local newspaper regarding the shocking disregard that judges have for the families of a drunk driving victim, and their bending over backwards to show sympathy for a many time convicted drunk driver or someone driving after license suspension or revocation.

    I cannot agree more with your editorial of Wednesday, May 31st stating that “Judges must get tough on reckless driving”

    So many times I read about drunk drivers killing or maiming someone while driving under the influence, many times without a valid license, their driving privileges having been previously suspended or revoked. I believe that any driver previously convicted of vehicular manslaughter (murder!) while “under the influence” should be permanently and physically rendered incapable of operating a motor vehicle.

    The easiest way to accomplish this would be by removing the offender’s eyesight, either surgically or chemically. Perhaps if this had been done 75 or 80 offenses ago, little Nicholas Drolet would still be alive with all the future experiences and potential he might have had and enjoyed.

    It is all well and good for Judge Agnes to sentence Derek Coughlin to 18 months in jail and community service in speaking to young drivers about the dangers of drunk driving. I cannot help but believe that Coughlin’s presentation would be much more effective with a white cane and a dog!

    This letter will probably never be published for fear of offending the sensibilities
    of your readers; however many of my friends and acquaintances feel as I do

    I pray that no one in my family or circle of friends falls victim to a drunk driver. If it should happen, I’ll be the guy outside the courthouse with a bottle of caustic soda lye.

  10. justsayin' says:

    This article is enough to make me puke. Patrick is an absolute dolt.

  11. JOAN PIERCE says:


    1. jaygee says:

      Ahh…..excuse me, but what in the wide world of sports are you replying to?
      Sounds more like an Archie Bunker than a Joan!

  12. mikey says:

    Those were the days!

    Didn’t need no WELFARE STATES
    Everybody pulled his weight
    Gee our old LaSalle ran great
    Those were the days! (indeed)


  13. Please says:

    Apparently Jon it IS so hard to understand for these Liberal Democrats. Their priorities are not the safety and well-being of the citizens of the state that elected them, but all the special interest groups and leeches. They wanted a sanctuary state and got it. Criminials (yes, that includes illegal aliens) get more rights and listened to more than law-abiding citizens do. They always have an excuse, always ready to come out and chastise the public for being “racist”. And for the record, I did not vote for Patrick either time.

  14. Ron says:

    Everyone is blaming the Governor and the Judges, however they don’t make the laws the Legislature does. Until we the voter’s tell our State Reps and Senators to toughen
    the penalties under the law things like this are going to happen repeatedly.

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