By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a case that has galvanized protest and political backlash: the recent hit-and-run killing of a young man in Milford.

Last month, Matthew Denice was allegedly killed by a drunken Nicolas Guaman, an illegal immigrant who ran a stop sign, struck Denice, and dragged him to his death.

The case has quickly become a flash-point for an emotional debate over an aggressive federal push to deport criminals known as Secure Communities.

This summer, Gov. Patrick lectured skeptical Milford residents on why using Secure Communities to help deport repeat-offender illegal immigrants is a bad idea.

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“What you get on the downside is a whole lot of folks who are worried about being targeted,” said Gov. Patrick, at the time.

Then, last month, Milford lost Denice, a popular 23-year-old man.

“You know, illegal immigration didn’t kill this person, a drunk driver killed this person,” Gov. Patrick said late last month.

After Gov. Patrick mixed condolences with another lecture in his first public comments on the case, Denice’s family had a lecture of their own to deliver about the governor’s manners.

“Please show a little more respect for my son and at least refer to him by his name, Matthew,” said Maureen Maloney, Denice’s mother.

The family was also angered by Gov. Patrick’s refusal to use every law-enforcement tool available.

“This person was an illegal immigrant, and if we had the Secure Communities Act in place, this person may hot have had the opportunity to get drunk that day, to get behind the wheel of a car, to kill my child,” said Maloney.

“Deval Patrick should take a lesson from Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona. And I’m confident that if we had laws in place similar to what they have in Arizona, that Matthew would be here today,” said Michael Denice, Matthew’s brother.

“I don’t want any parent or family to ever have to go through what we have gone through,” said Maloney.

Local politicians from both parties have written to the governor, citing the Denice case as just cause for reversing his resistance to Secure Communities.

On Wednesday, the Denice family is helping organize a demonstration outside Milford Town Hall when town officials meet with visitors from the Ecuadorean consulate to discuss immigration-related issues.

Comments (63)
  1. todd says:

    deval patrick is equally as guilty as guaman in this incident as far as i’m concerned. The fact that he’s more concerned with offending illegal residents over protecting LEGAL residence ishows his true colors and what he’s all about! RESIGN PATRICK!!!! YOU DISGUST ME!!!

    1. Ccollins says:

      I agree! There are too many moonbats like Gov. Patrick in Mass. They really don’t respect people, they just think they know better. They would rather allow dangerous foreigners back into our communities, then to protect the citizens and legal immigrants. Once you are a citizen—you are considered privileged and should shut up/put up. Your voice doesn’t matter! In fact, many African Americans have been impacted the most by illegal immigration. Does Patrick and his cohorts care? The answer is NO!

  2. Frank Davis says:

    Once again Deval proves that he does not know what the people in this state want. The man was here ILLEGALLY! He was driving his truck ILLEGALLY! He killed a man and you tells us that “illegal immigration didn’t kill” Matthew? What did then? A politician that is more worried about his butt than the people he governs? Or his buddy down in DC whose relatives have been living in the state for over 40 YEARS ILLEGALLY? Well for those who voted him in and then re-elected him to another term you get what you pay for. But remember this the next time his name is on the ballot.

    1. Gary Lloyd says:

      I’m black and agree with everything you say except that swipe at Obama. What exactly is he supposed to do about his relatives?

      As for Patrick and disgusted and appalled at him for turning this tragic death into a political slogan “Illegal immigration didn’t kill ‘this person a drunk driver did.”

      My God — who writes this guy’s speeches? Why did he turn the kid’s death into a political talking point?

      Politically speaking, nothing at all should have been mentioned about the drunks’s political status. It would have been so much smarter for him to saying something like, “I’m not going to turn Mathew’s tragic death into a political football,” or something like that.

      1. Bob from Boston says:

        “What exactly is he supposed to do about his relatives?”
        IF they are to stay here, then how about have them move into his house – like many others have done over the years for their family members that have come from overseas. Even LEGAL immigrants are supposed to be sponsored / have means to support themselves. You really don’t see anything wrong with someone ( let alone a politician) having relatives come to this country and be supported by you ? Assume it was Donald Trump’s family – would you feel the same way ? The Obamas bring in over $1,000,000 per year – why do they need taxpayers to help them support 2 relatives ? Why wouldn’t they WANT “the aunt that helped raise him” to live with them ? Personally I couldn’t allow my aunt to live in subsidized housing while I brought home $1 million per year. See

  3. Gary Lloyd says:

    “Ilegal immigration didn’t kill this person, a drunk driver did.”

    Did Patrick actually say that?

    Well, that’s called covering his a*s politically — how contemptible!

    Because it’s politically inconvenient for Patrick to admit an illegal killed the kid, he tells us the killer’s illegal status had nothing to do with it.

    The worst possible thing he could have said.

    The worst!


  4. massman says:

    Patrick is right. Drunk driving is, and continues to be a problem in this country. Trying to turn this tragedy into a political fight is really sad on the family’s part. The comment about Jan Brewer really showed what this is truly about.

    1. Stephanie says:

      I knew the boy who died and I think its gross about you saying its sad on the families part. I drove by those tire tracks everyday, the blood and now the memorial, YOU should show some respect and understand that if this man was deported in 2008 when he was arrested for an assault and battery Matt would still be alive. I am disgusted that all LEGAL Americans are not supporting Matts family they have handled this with poise and respect, and rightfully want justice for their son Matt!

  5. mikey says:

    My condolences to the family and friends of Matthew Denice.

  6. bp says:

    massman, you obviously haven’t driven through the town of Milford lately if at all. It is over run with illegals.They are draining the system dry and we are paying for it. And yes it was an illegal, drunk driver who shouldn’t have been here in the first place who murdered Matthew Denice.

  7. Mia Kinsman says:

    I just moved to this state a few months ago from CT. Getting to know the Mass government has been a very interesting learning experience. I’m shocked and quite frankly insulted, as a mother by what Patrick said. But then yet again it’s proof how this government, as a whole,is sooo out of touch with it’s hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens. I pray that Matthew’s family and friends find peace in justice. Obviously, it sounds like they won’t get any support from the governor.

  8. Miley says:

    I really wish the Denice family would find a lawyer to help them sue Deval Patrick and everyone else in the state government for aiding and abiding a criminal. How many more crimes and people getting killed is it going to take for them to finally crack down on this. Massachusetts is known across the country as a safe haven for illegal immigrants and its time for that to stop. Illegal immigration might not have killed Mathew but it certainly could have prevented it when he should have been deported a long time ago.

  9. mike says:

    my exacts sentiments, miley…well put! This was such an unnecessary tragedy

  10. northwoods says:

    I was shocked when Deval Patrick was reelected and now we can see what a mistake it was to give him another term. He is very liberal and does not what these illegal immigrants do. Obviously these people do not care if they break the law.

    1. Traci Randall says:

      The family needs to take a stand and sue the state – sue the state for every dime it has. Makes this a federal case and get people involved. Money is the only thing our governments – whether local or federal – understand. As legal citizens we have got to take a stand. I’m in Arizona and I’m trying to see, or I wish it was possible that in every state legal citizens picket their Capitols – start taking control of OUR country instead of watching it, slowly turn into a cesspool.

  11. FireGuyFrank says:

    I believe it was in the comic strip “Pogo” where it was said, “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

    God forbid an illegal immigrant hit and ran someone close to Gov. Patrick. I wish it on no one. A key ingredient for any politician is empathy, the ability to feel what others are feeling. Patrick appears to not have this.

    Meanwhile, all who voted for this man got exactly what he said he was — look back at what he said during his campaigns and in his first term. Why are people surprised?

    If people elected to execute the laws of this Commonwealth and/or a municipality and/or at the federal level fail to enforce the laws, they ought to be be removed from office.

    What are the options for Bay State voters?

  12. ann says:

    there is too many Illegals in mass i think the state should enforce the law in mass. Ihad a friend that came to my family to spend the day with us.
    is car was park in front of my home and he was just getting ready to go home.
    a kid 18 years old and yes he was lillegal immigrant and he was drunk hit 2 car on south main street came down on my street hit my friends car,
    if my friend came out in 5 min he would be dead.
    this kid was driving with no car lic and he was dunk got away with it no jall time.
    my friend got nothing out of it he had to get new car from all that
    but i am so glad he is alive today thank god.

  13. Paul says:

    Let’s see….if caught….we cannot take away their license to drive….THEY DONT HAVE ONE…we cannot cancel their insurance….THEY DON’T HAVE ANY….we cannot get them to pay restitution….THEY ARE PAID UNDER THE TABLE (no SS or Green Card)….we cannot report them to ICE or deport them….I’m sorry,,,,what was that reason again? Oh yeah….they won’t report a crime to the police for fear of being deported. HEY…WAKE UP….they ARE the crime!!!!

  14. Jane O says:

    obviously illegals are allowed to ignore many laws already in place. But, if I get pulled over for speeding I won’t get away with it. I’ll have to pay a fine and then have an insurance surcharge for many years. Most illegals have fake ID’s, fake licenses and no insurance at all despite the fact insurance is mandatory in this state. Perhaps legal immigrants and citizens should begin filing class action reverse discrimination lawsuits against the state of Massachusetts.

  15. Denise says:

    The problem is Illegals are given “rights” – they can vote… and this is what they political hacks are worried about loosing… because the ones that can VOTE get out and vote because if someone else got in that doesn’t cater to them – they might actually be deported!

    We as a state might be able to provide adequate support to those that have worked all their lives and deserve it if we stopped supporting those that come here for a “free” life… meaning: housing, welfare, food stamps etc etc…

    Sad sad sad… This young man was taken away from his family and what does the Devil want to do??? Let us support the illegal in jail w/ 3 squares, heat, cable, etc… I’ld rather pay for the plane ticket to send him back to where he came from w/ the rest of the family!!! before I spend $$ on supporting him in jail for the rest of his life! Some don’t want to get out of jail these days – they’ve got it to good… Making an honest living today is hard! I feel bad for those that are having kids now and having to bring them up in this a$$ backwards world…

  16. gigi says:

    I thought government appointed officials were supposed to PROTECT the US citizens that appointed them?? Foreign and domestic? Its a blanket statement; government officials should not have the right to pick and choose whom they consider a threat – its spelled out in black and white.

    This family has every right to be furious; a young adults life ending too soon. RIP Matt.

  17. Puleeeez says:

    The only thing this administration in mass cares about is pandering to minority groups. The Liberals are so worried about not offending illegals that they completely disregard the safety of legal, tax-paying. law-abiding CITIZENS. This state is a sanctuary state, we are flooded with iilegals, they will continue to flock here and leech off the tax-payers and yes, commit crimes of all levels. Fools in this state keep re-electing these Liberal Democrat jerks who don’t care about the citizens or what the people want. And anyone who didn’t see Patrick as an arrogant man in the debates before he was elected the first time had blinders on.

  18. donny says:

    The illegal immigrant issue is quite simple.

    ASK WHO STANDS TO GAIN by having low-cost illegal immigrant labor available in the USA?…



    1. digitus says:

      All politicians use these slaves.

  19. emom says:

    OH THE IRONY of it all,,, it wasn’t all that long ago that we stated we didn’t want an immigration law here in this state like ARIZONA… How’s that working for all you now… I applaud what Arizona has tried to do , that is to send a message that if caught and you are illegal you are going HOME.. I have never voted for the one who shall remain nameless, cant say his name unless I want to see breakfast….. EWE… We need to re-look at how we allow out of country people coming here.. We have many on work visa’s that have been here for decades,, on a work visa or green card… they have no intentions of becoming legal citizens, they are merely here to work and then once they have saved enough money , finished college, or achieved what they came here to do , WHAT EVER THAT WAS, they will go back to where ever they came from and a new out of country person will come over and then take over their job.. OH and we have over 9% unemployed in this country.. SO I ask why are we not giving these jobs to those out of work why are companies allowed to hire foreign people, pay for their visa’s courtesy of the government, , giving them housing , medical , a job and everything we as Americans CAN”T get. Legal means born here, raised here and work and pay your taxes as an adult.. OH yeah some ILLEGALS pay taxes, very few, But they sure seem to gain state assistance for the things those that worked all their lives for but cant get it all because THEY MADE JUST A BIT TO MUCH THE PRIOR YEAR,, HEY THE ONE WHO SHALL BE NAMELESS, YOU STINK… I would so say much more to him , but my message might not get posted, we need to stop giving jobs to people with work visa’s, green cards, or what ever piece of paper allows them to come here and gain employment and assistance,, I can not help your country stinks,, Right now my country stinks,, and I cant get a stinking break…. I am tired of them allowing these people coming here and getting what we cant have… SORRY FOLKS, BUT THIS HAS TO END, vote this clown ,,, no wait clowns have a purpose they can make us laugh…… lets see, what’s useless to our lives,,,, hhmmmm, I am stumped can’t find anything that’s more USELESS than the ONE WHO SHALL BE NAMELESS…

    1. Rick says:

      I LOVE the fact that you want to blame Obama for this, and for allowing illegal immigrants to stay here, etc. Do some research and you’ll find that the ones who benefit from cheap, low cost labor is business corporations. And who exactly is supporting the rich and big business? Republicans. I don’t know how the Republicans have managed to pull the wool over so many peoples’ eyes, but I have to hand it to them on what a fantastic job they’ve done on getting you idiots to drink the kool aid.

      And for the record, I’m not some Obama worshipper that thinks he’s the second coming of Christ. However, for all his mistakes, noe have been so bad as what Republicans have pulled (see George W. Bush, who created this mess along with his cronies to begin with).

  20. Joe says:



    Patrick is right. Drunk driving is, and continues to be a problem in this country. Trying to turn this tragedy into a political fight is really sad on the family’s part. The comment about Jan Brewer really showed what this is truly about.”


    I say my censored response because after hitting ‘submit comment’ numerous times I realize that my true feelings won’t pass the foul language software program and must be edited.


    You win! Though I have said “that is the most ignorant, naive, partisan and insane comment I’ve ever heard” many times before, you my friend have officially and quite convincingly won first place. Congratulations!

    Your right that drunk driving is, and continues to be a problem in this country and that trying to turn this tragedy into a political fight is really sad. You should have just stopped with that. Where your ignorance shines like the full moon in October is when you blamed the family. My only sensible conclusion is that you either work for, are related to or are friends with Governor do little.

    There are two parties involved. A family whose son was dragged under a car to his horrific death and a life long politician, our governor. You choose to equate the family with using their sons death for a political fight rather than blaming the POLITICIAN with using this tragedy for a POLITICAL fight.

    Massman, Those two words in all caps look very similar don’t they? Now, my 3 year old could understand their amazing similarities. However, you don’t have enough unbiased common sense in your left nut to relate a POLITICAL FIGHT with the POLITICIAN! Instead you blame a grieving family in order to try and make your butt buddy duval look better.

    That’s about as low as a human being can go my friend. Your a disgrace to any human being with an ounce of morals, integrity and a conscience. On 911, did you blame the Jews on the 90th floors of the twin towers of an orchestrated political fight by having a meeting that morning or did you blame the Muslim extremists who wanted to kill them and all other Americans? Sadly, that’s a serious question because I don’t know how you would answer.

    Hey, wait a second, Mr. Ignorance is right again! The comment about Jan brewer is exactly what this is about. If we had a governor with some cohones and common sense then maybe this state would have signed on to a fair and common sense plan designed to prevent tragedies such as this. If so then Matthew would be alive today. Sadly, instead your savior sold his soul to the devil for a political fight and votes.

    By the way, when you see the governor please remind him “this persons” name is MATTHEW!

  21. Joe says:

    I hate frivolous lawsuits and the lawyers who profit from them. However, I hope and pray that this poor family sues the governor and the states a$$ off. This could’ve been prevented. The system was in place to prevent it and the state chose not to use it.

    I would much rather have my tax dollars go to this family upon winning a 100 million dollar settlement than to illegals like the one who killed their son!

  22. Cheerleader for Mathew says:

    What an amazing point in the right direction. If the mourning of past parents that turned the death of their children into laws, so shouldn’t Mathew’s death in sending the strong and loud message to ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS in the state of Massachusetts. They have no where to hide, the veal of “can’t touch them, can’t do a damn thing about it” will be a reality that Americans ARE NOT o.k. with them breaking any and all laws that our American fore-fathers died for to create. They must return back to their South American countries and apply for a visa from the United States of America.

  23. michelle says:

    And I’m confident that if we had laws in place — hate to clue to in but we do have laws in place. if you come to this country illegally you have broken the law and deserve to be deported. sorry don;’t care if they want a better life. so don’t I and I am sure so doesn’t Matthew. Unfortunately, Matthew will never have that opportunity along with so many other Americans who have been murdered by illegals. His parents should find a lawyer and sue the govener for aiding and abetting or accessory after the fact. he willfully ignorded American laws along with the judges that this illegal appeared before on previous charges. It is about time that our government, state and federal started upholding the laws of this country and stopped picking and choosing which laws they want to up hold.

    God Bless Matthews family and friends. Please help them through their greief and then give them the strength to take it to the govener and any other politician or judge that refuses to uphold out laws..

  24. linda says:

    This illegal came here in 2007. George was the president then, not Barack.

    1. Joe says:

      Linda, and your point is???

      The safe community act was implemented under Obama. It’s 2011 and I believe 42 states have signed on. This is another example when progressives can’t blame bush to benefit their savior. I’m also quite certain this plan was in motion under the bush administration and implemented by the Obama administration. It was also available in 08 when he assaulted a cop. So again, what is your point?

      Just another example of blind progressive ideology getting in the way of clear common sense progress.

    2. Joe says:

      “This illegal came here”. You said it hunny!

  25. emom says:

    Does not matter WHO the president was , NONE have tried to correct it , stop it, of fix it, By the way George senior started letting illegals have rights, not just junior, It is both their faults, and nobody is willing to reverse the problem… present president has two illegls and well HAS DONE NOT ONE THING TO CORRECT THAT PROBLEM,,, why thehell should he,, is in favor of illegals being here….. once agian we voted not to have a bill put in place to correct this issue ,, ARIZONA DID IT RIGHT,,, This poor family should go after the governor, and then the state house, not the people for following someone that Hypnotised us into thinking it was not necessary,, sue the politicians,, hurt them all where it hurts their wallets,, which after all is the money from our taxes that never go to any think vital any more but to line their OVER INFLATED GOLD LINED WALLETS,,,,i

  26. Joe says:

    Instead of enforcing existing laws, the government goes with the “fast and furious” plan. What started out as a, somewhat sensible plan, turned into a disaster that killed 3 border patrol agents and hundreds of Mexicans. How does one decide that is a better idea than enforcing existing law and deporting a known illegal with multiple arrests including assaulting a cop? This makes the Iran contra scandal look like kids trading baseball cards at lunch.

  27. linda says:

    Maybe if he was an American citizen who was driving drunk, all of you would be all for bringing back Prohibition? The people that comment here sound like the types of people who tilt a few at the local pub.

    1. Joe says:


      Just when I think I’ve heard it all you click submit comment. Your comment sounds like you have been tilting back a few bottles since last Friday afternoon of labor day weekend.

      If he were a citizen, for starters, he would be charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and a dui. Tragically, this has happened before and nobody has ever called for reinstating prohibition. Do you have any idea the damage that would do to the already fragile economy? However, tragedy such as this usually involves American citizens not illegals who, if in another state under the safe community act, would have been deported prior to this happening.


  28. linda says:

    So, Joe, if he was illegal and sober, nothing would have happened? Your answer doesn’t hold water, Joe.

    1. Frank says:

      ill answer for the question for you Linda NO if he was illegal and driving sober this would NOT have happened. But since the whole argument is about his status as a citizen of this country we will try to make this easy for you to understand. Since he is here ILLEGALLY he would have been deported out of the country years ago and he would not have been here that day to go out drinking, would not have gotten in a car and killed Mathew Denice. How is that so hard for you to understand? Its NOT about the drunk driving its about the fact that he was here illegally and has committed multiple crimes for which he should have been deported and shouldn’t have been here to begin with. He should have been thousands of miles away in Ecuador picking corn in some field,

      1. Joe says:

        Ditto Frank…… couldn’t have said it better!

    2. Joe says:

      Linda, with all due respect, are you mentally capable of answering a question or responding directly to a response to your nonsensical comments?

    3. Joe says:

      If in your mind, my answer doesn’t hold water then It’s my opinion that your skull doesn’t hold brain matter. Linda, please Put the bong down!

  29. taxedout says:

    I agree that there must be some way the family can sue the state for this miscarrage of justice. I hope theFeds can be brought in to MAKE this state comply with the LAW!!! We had Another illegal up Lowell way selling drugs in a pringals can. Had a valid Mass drivers license, (surprised) and they are ICE is looking at it…Obama’s uncle with a Valid drivers license and a SS card. You wonder why SS is in trouble???

  30. linda says:

    You know, Joe, I bet you listen to Limbaugh for one simple reason: You cannot debate with intelligence but turn to calling people by nasty names, which is what he does. If you don’t agree with people, the nasty names come out. I hope you don’t drink and drive or use bongs, whatever they might be, because I don’t know but you apparently know all them, Joe. So, please, Joe boy, don’t infer that that I am a drup user because I disagree with you. That argument doesn’t hold with people with brains, which you don’t have, Joe.

    1. Joe says:

      Linda, I am an immigrant. A legal immigrant business owner who doesn’t listen to rush. I woild love to hear your interpretation of what happened and your solution to the problem. Keep in mind, it is illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts even if our attorney general says. The floor is yours to explain………

  31. Jon Keller says:

    OK folks, time to either return to the actual subject or move on please.

  32. Dave says:

    Regardless of his status the most disturbing thing is that we have a Governor who has sworn to protect all Massachusetts citizens who is more concerned that there may be groups who are “worried about being targeted” then the actual killing of a young man.

    This is a “leader” you can stand behind?

    1. JH says:

      DUHval is a pathetic excuse for a governor!

  33. Dee says:

    I just watched the segment on the news about this tragedy. My question is why wasn’t he detained as an illegal immigrant when he was first arrested long before he killed someone? Doesn’t someone who is arrested have to produce identification? If he cannot prove who he is or that he is here legally, why was he released and given the opportunity to commit another crime? This has nothing to do with targeting immigrants, illegal or legal. It has nothing to do with police targeting any particular group. If someone breaks the law, then the police should check into that person for outstanding warrants, previous convictions and WHETHER OR NOT THE PERSON IS HERE LEGALLY. If he’s not, then he should have been deported long ago and a young man wouldn’t have died at his hands and a family wouldn’t be mourning that death now.

    1. Joe says:


      I agree completely. Everything you asked are simple common sense questions that shouldn’t even have to be asked. I wish I had a better answer but the reasons seem to all be political.

  34. Joe says:

    I only listen to one thing Linda. The part of my brain and others brains that deal with common sense. Common sense.. sounds so simple yet many complicate it with nonsensical propagation.

    This is is about an American citizen who was killed by a person that should’ve been here. Period! Immigration law is the only law that can somehow be open to debate. You kill someone you go to jail. you rape someone you go to jail. You rob someone you go to jail. You evade taxes you go to jail. You get caught sneaking over the border within the first 20 or so miles you go to jail then get deported.

    However, if you sneak over the border, make it to a city and live with relatives, get some kind of id, get a job, have a kid and live here illegally for a couple years then the rules don’t apply anymore. You will then have politicians and others defending the rights you and they think you have even though those rights are only for citizens.

    Basically, we are telling people the following. Our immigration system is a game. If you can sneak over the border and simulate into society for a few years we will overlook that tricky little fact that you came here illegally. THEN YOU WIN!!

    Yawn……………. Sigh……….

  35. Joe says:

    I wonder how such an intelligent man could support such a moronic policy? I wonder how our governor would feel if his child suffered a horrific painful death at the hands of an illegal immigrant? I wonder if his lax views on immigration enforcement would change?

  36. TWIN says:


    1. Ccollins says:

      I disagree. We are putting up with too much. It is chaotic and unfair to citizens as well as legal immigrants. We have to stop people from hiring them. Also, end the 14th Amendment, which allows children born to illegal immigrants instant citizenship and entitlements (foodstamps, section 8 housing, medicaid, etc.) the Amendment is obsolete!

  37. linda says:

    Obviously he will be punished. No one is a winner.

  38. Ccollins says:

    I knew this was going to happen right after the Governor dismissed Secure Communities. The reason—-because he is wrong and he is particially responsible for what happened to that young man.

  39. patrick says:

    Wasn’t too long ago an illegal immigrant driving illegally on route495 killed some poor guy in the. Breakdown lane and took off. He’s probably living in milford now.

  40. Mack says:

    A young man is dead! A U.S. Citizen is dead and a family destroyed because an ILLEGAL was in the United States driving drunk; if he were not in the U.S. ILLEGALLY the Citizen would be alive; not murdered by the ILLEGAL in this drunk-driving incident.

  41. Mack says:

    You can thank the Elitist Politicians for their Sanctuary State Policy. Drugs furnished by the ILLEGALS, Drug Wars by the ILLEGALS, United States Citizens murdered by the ILLEGALS but not to worry the Sanctuary State will continue to furnish Cheap ILLEGAL Labor for the Elitist Political Contributors and Special Interest Groups of course they feel safe in their Gated Communities. If you venture out and you are murdered by an ILLEGAL Drunk Driver or you are a Police Officer murdered by an ILLEGAL during the commission of a crime or a traffic stop or a United States Citizen is in the “wrong” place (any Sanctuary City or State) and caught in the cross fire just remember Our Elitist Politicians and their Elitist Political Contributors consider those murdered as a SMALL SACRIFICE for THEIR CHEAP LABOR/potential votes.

  42. Worth says:

    Linda and the other stupid people, come to Milford and look at the 1/4 mile of blood and human remains, it will wake you up from your drunken stupor!

  43. taxedout says:

    Yes Immagrants built this country, but they came in LEGALY!!!! There is a Quota for people coming into this country from other countries and it’s NOT 11 million!!!

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