FOXBORO (CBS) – During the Patriots-Buccaneers game last Thursday, Pats wide receiver Chad Ochocinco took a huge hit from rookie Mason Foster.

It was helmet to helmet and Mason was flagged.  But after the game, Ochocinco said it was a good hit and if Mason received a fine, he would pay it.

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Well the league has spoken. Foster was fined $20 thousand for the hit.

In response, Ochocinco delivered a personal note to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Twitter, referring to him as “Dad.”

“Dad no disrespect but I don’t agree with @mason_foster fine n I’ll be reimbursing him personally,”@Ochocinco wrote to @nflcommish. “Please feel free to contact me.”

Mason responded back with a simple, “thanks bruh I appreciate that.”

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Players are not allowed to pay other players fines, so Ocho will have to let this one go or get hit with a fine of his own.

The Steelers James Harrison, no stranger to the NFL fine, asked Chad if he would get the same fine. @Ochocino replied back with this:

“Yeah but i still have last years fine fund,won’t need it in New England RT @jharrison9292: @ochocinco Can u get that same thing?”


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