The guys were watching some videos of a guy freestyling on the computer after the show the other day and came up with a great idea. Which 98.5 The Sports Hub host will be able to serve it up in a rap battle?

Rich beat Wallah in their match. Listen to their battle here. Tony Massarotti beat down Adolfo after yesterday’s battle. You can listen to that battle here.

Today is the matchup that everyone has been waiting for, Andy Gresh vs Michael Felger. It’s know that these two genuinely have a dislike for each other. Who should walk away with the win and move on to the next round? Listen again and vote for who you think should win.

Listen to the whole break.

Listen to Gresh’s rap about Felger.

Listen to Felger’s rap about Gresh.

Comments (24)
  1. Christine Mooney DeGrappo says:

    Felger all the way ~ can’t believe you are calling this close!!!!

  2. Mike says:

    It would be close, but the limit was 1 minutes, and some moron can’t figure out the difference between 1 and 2… and here he was yesterday calling people idiots for not being able to do the math with the cap in football

  3. Ed E. Skankus says:

    The Gresh production values match his crude style, but the sophistication of Felger’s rap carries the day. Just the 2 girl one cup reference alone is enough.

  4. Chris says:

    Gresh was pretty good but Felger had same great, creative lines that cracked me up more. 2 Greshs, 1 Cup!

  5. Colin says:

    Gresh sucks! I can’t believe he is employed, let alone a radio show host. If anyone from the brass is reading these comments, please fire Gresh. I can’t stand him, he’s awful. He talks in circles, and gives me headaches. Everyday I turn down the radio from 10-2. Pretty please, somebody fire Gresh.

  6. Mike says:

    The Miss Cleo Trust Fund and Suck it Felger at the end sold it for me, Felger did do pretty good, Gresh got it done though.

  7. Patrick OHara says:

    felger killed gresh

  8. Kadolfo says:

    Rich wrote Felgers. Gresh should get the chance to move on.

  9. Andy says:

    Both are epic! their isn’t one clear winner… im thinking you implement a wild card to get carried through tot he next round!

  10. D-Man says:

    Gresh you wrap was PHAT, but Felger’s fell a little FLAT.

  11. Vic says:

    I could NOT vote for Felger even if he sounded great he is such an ass

  12. BJD says:

    Most underrated line in Gresh’s: “Just call me Strauss-Khan and clean up my mess” … is that Gresh threatening to “R-word” Felger?

  13. Carmine says:


  14. monka says:

    felger wins hands down!!!!!

  15. It’s sad that most likely no matter who wins this won’t be moving on because of how close it’s gonna be. As much as I loved Rich’s song, I think he should bow out and let the four winners move on. 1. We hear stuff like this from him all the time. 2. We DON’T hear stuff like this from the other Hub personalities. 3. It allows him to strictly work on production for the other guys. 4. Out of all the competitors, he’s got the least to make fun of in my opinion.

  16. Scott says:

    Felger wins because of the rolls and Junk line, I laughed out loud. Gresh was good too but I’ve got to give it to Felger.

  17. gocutthegrass says:

    A fine effort from Felger, but it really is just one joke over and over again. Gresh’s hatred pours out and slays Felger on multiple fronts. Advantage: Gresh.

    1. Dwayne says:

      I’m totally on board with what you’re saying. Gresh just spit pure venom all over Felger revealing info that we’d never hear from any other Boston sports personality. His flow was fluid and this intensity just overpowered any of the other contestants. It would be a crying shame if people voted Felger purely off his abrasive, Mr. Mouthpiece of Boston Sports, persona. I understand Gresh isn’t as charismatic a sports host (radio or television) as Felger but you have to step back and recognize his lyrical skills. Give the man his due. Gresh wins this without question.

    2. Dwayne says:

      Where the F is my comment??? There wasn’t even a hint of curse words in it! Darn this site! Give the win to Gresh. He spit pure venom all over Felger and it translated EXTREMELY well across the radio! The man is definitely representing hip-hop.

  18. Mike says:

    Felger destroyed…..who dat

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