The guys were watching some videos of a guy freestyling on the computer after the show the other day and came up with a great idea. Which 98.5 The Sports Hub host will be able to serve it up in a rap battle?

Today was the first battle and it put Jon Wallach up against Rich. Take a listen to each of the raps and vote for who you think should win.

Listen to the full break here.

Listen to Wallach’s rap about Rich.

Listen to Rich’s rap about Wallach.

Comments (14)
  1. TBone (FOQ) says:

    Rich’s was insanely awesome but in the rap battle style Wallach served it up better.

  2. Vinny says:

    Does anyone really want Rich eliminated from this contest before the final round? He’s the best at production. His raps will be the most listenable when this contest is played out in about 3 days.

  3. grumpy old dog says:

    Let the Eagle soar! I think Wallch stuck to the format (rap & time limit) & was just as clever.

  4. Chris says:

    Rich’s was based off a rap song, “Right Round”. Rich: Game, Set, Match.

  5. typo says:

    Rich’s was great but we hear him do stuff like that all the time. I was more entertained hearing Wallach try. Plus Wallach stuck to a more traditional rap slam, not a produced song.


  6. andy says:

    Wallach brings it; Rich runs in place and raps like a white guy. We are all accustomed to Rich being great alas…but Birdman has just broken out of Alcatraz!!!

    Wallach Ascendant!!!!!!!!

  7. deb williams says:

    Looking for more info…where is this study taking place? In Massachusetts? I have ovarian cancer which has returned and would like whatever info you might have.

  8. jack says:

    wallach raps like vanilla ice… it’s hilarious.

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