MANSFIELD (CBS/AP) – Two more men from Mansfield have been charged in connection with the brutal beating of a young man at a Tim McGraw concert at the Comcast Center.

19-year-old Michael Skehill of Westwood was nearly killed Sunday night by a group of strangers who jumped him.

Police said the beating started over a girl and was fueled by underage drinking.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports

Four young men from Mansfield were arrested Thursday. Two more have been charged since those arrests.

Daniel Morizio turned himself in to Mansfield Police Thursday night. Shane Dossantos was arrested Friday morning.

All six were arraigned in Attleboro District Court Friday afternoon.  Five were ordered held on low bail, while the sixth, 20-year-old Perry DiMascio, was held without bail on an unrelated OUI charge.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Skehill was saved by a security guard. His family said his spleen had to be removed and he also has injuries to his pancreas and remains in a great deal of pain.

Comments (23)
  1. John E Watters says:

    Aren’t they brave.6 of them beating on one guy. let’s see how brave they are when they go to prison for this.The judge should really throw the book at them.

    1. brian says:

      I’m sure they’ll still feel super tough when they get to prison and become somebody’s b***h.

  2. Judge Judy says:

    What pathetic human beings these 6 people are. I can’t wait for them to go to prison. And then see what happens to them the first time the drop the soap in the shower and bend over to pick it up.

    1. D Caf says:

      Yup. No liquid courage in the clink.

  3. D Caf says:

    6 insecure cowards couldn’t handle that a girl paid attention to the victim so they nearly beat him to death. Lock them up and melt the key!

  4. fred says:

    The way jthe udges are in this state I wouldn’t bet on them going to jail.

    1. shotime says:

      Sad to say… but you might be right, Fred.

  5. noni says:

    I don’t understand! Can’t anyone just enjoy a concert anymore? What is wrong with people?? Hope this young man recovers soon.

  6. PL says:

    Cowardly @#$%^&,I’d like to bring a crew of my boys from Southie and get some payback.

  7. Happy says:

    I say leave each one by themself in the same cell with two angry felons

  8. D Caf says:

    Ha, ha. They look like they’ve spent time in courtrooms before today.

  9. . says:

    I went to high school with all 6 of the boys. What a disgrace to the town of Mansfield!

  10. mark says:

    Your daddy lawyer is not going to get you out of this one D*** Head!

  11. .emom says:

    Go figure a rich kid that thinks he can get away with what ever he does,,,,, oh and daddy will make it all better too…. Like I said earlier when this story first aired,,, these punks where drunk,,,,,, Now I wonder how long it will be before they ban alchohol at these events ,,, Honestly they should,,, It’s a ashame to since many are responsible.. all it takes are idiots like this to cause problems,,,
    Oh and lock these bone heads up for a very long time,,, since they almost killed him… so you have words with someone that does not make it ok to beat the heck out of him

    1. Nosgood4me says:

      and growing pot is OK with you .. you make no sense you ridicule others opinions mirroring what i posted and basically berate these guys in same fashion and all you care about if they ban your little boozup at events, So that’s where you stand self indulgence pot or alcohol like child the very idea having it taken away makes you angry i read you like a book,,, where is your damn hippie mantra now for now on your new name is little Lisa Butttinski Simpson the little girl no one asked for her opinion but gave it anyway. emom , how drip cleshay that is…. your a hypocrite and you contradict yourself.
      at least im consistant..
      these tools will have fun in the poky

      1. Jack Baptist says:

        Talk about making no sense, Loser. Get an education, please.

        emom makes perfect sense and was NOT addressing you.

        You can’t, as you typed “read her like a book” when it is so obviously that you don’t have the ability to read books.
        It’s CLICHE, you moron, not “cleshay.”

        I’m amazed you spelled “hypocrite ” correctly. Get off the Adderal It’s not helping your impaired cognitive abilities, nit is only making them worse.

      2. Nosgood4me says:

        Jack, . She is a hypocrite and ” nit ” ,, hmm as in louse , what the hell you call that , Cognitive abilities ? please teach me in the ways of writing skills , your thread appears like your qualified

  12. Ed Keenan says:

    Their parents should diown these punks……I pray the get jailtime

    1. mark says:

      They deserve to be charged with attempted murder and all face a minimum of 20 years!

  13. ashley says:

    As far as I’m concerned, 6 guys gang bashing one kid should absolutely qualify as attempted murder. Good call Mark.

  14. Vladimir says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery Michael. These six individuals need to be charged with attempted murder and face the consequences of their vicious attack, on a young man with such a bright future ahead of him. I understand that Michael is a “star athlete” and on a sports scholarship to a leading University in D.C. He is also a straight “A” student and a very hard worker. He is a young man of fine character and highly respected within his community. Michael has a great future mapped out ahead, while the other guys are total losers/dirt balls.

    Michael has so much going for him. He has brains and good looks, the others don’t possess. If you do the crime, you should do the time. These bullies are nothing but cowards. We are all rooting for you, Michael. Get well!!

  15. Santa Fe says:

    Santa Fe

    Michael, the whole country is rooting for you, while you recover from this brutal attack, by 6-10 vicious savages, attacking a defenseless teenager, from behind. I understand you were getting ready to return to the University, in a few weeks, but had the wind knocked out of your sail, by this group of drunken thugs, who go around beating up on people, for the sport of it. These guys have nothing going for them and the sky is the limit, as far as you are concerned. From what I’ve heard, you are highly committed to your education. All in all, I would have to say that Michael is a fine, well-balanced young man with an abundance of positive qualities that makes his family proud.

    We are all on your team, Michael. You were the victim. Get well!!

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