MANSFIELD (CBS) – Four people are under arrest in the brutal beating at a Comcast Center concert.

19-year-old Michael Skehill of Westwood was almost killed Sunday night in the middle of the Tim McGraw concert.

He was jumped from behind, by strangers, and a security guard was able to break up the fight, but the attackers got away.

The four men arrested are all from Mansfield:

  • Perry M. DiMascio age 20
  • Brenden C. McCulloch age 22
  • Michael J. Adams age 21
  • Kevin J. Anderson age 21

DiMascio is being held without bail due to other outstanding cases. The other suspects were being held on $5,000 bail. They will be arraigned in Attleboro District Court Friday morning.

Police have issued arrest warrants for two others.

The Mansfield Police Department says young witnesses stepped forward to solve this case, “due to their disgust and revulsion with the cowardly vicious attack”.

Comments (19)
  1. Vera Carroll says:

    Tim McGraw concert no less!!! I am sure if it had been a heavy metal show the music would have been blamed for the violence.

  2. Jill Walker says:

    You’re not kidding! Everyone wants to blame metal, rap, and rock for aggressive behavior but a lot of those shows are a lot more mellow. Seems like the country shows are always the worst though… I think it’s the feel good atmosphere that keeps people drinking and pushes them over the edge to too drunk. That’s when the trouble starts…

  3. emom says:

    I bet there was drugs and booze invovled,,, They should never sell booze at these events,,,, there is always some kind of trouble because of it, never mind some accidents… also maybe the comcast center should never pack people in there like cattle… the photo about shows no room… JUST SAYING..

  4. Mark says:

    I hope their parents are proud of these reprobates.I think 3-6 at MCI Cedar Junction would do wonders for these little darlings.Somebody will be saying “Say hello to my little friend!”

  5. Tom says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. I, unfortunately, know all four of these suspects and can say I am really not all that surprised they would be arrested for something like this. Absolutely cowardly beating and I hope they get what they deserve.

  6. disgusted. says:

    this is an outrage of these four people one of these poor victims did not do this i have talked to many people who were with him that night and he was not involved however mike adams and the other 2 perry and kevin were the culprits it is a shame how the justice system works you would think the police and family would want to catch the right people who hurt this boy but they are doing just the oppistite mansfield cops are so unprofessional in their work it is sickening as far as the one i know being charged i feel so bad for him because he is not like that and does not look for trouble if anything he is the one that helpes the person and tries to stop the fighting i cannot believe this and don’t know what i’ll do if this goes further w him. mike adams perry and kevin have a history of fighting and that is all they are known for in mansfield. multiple people saw them do this to this poor kid as for brendan there were people standing right next to him and know that he did not do this. what a shame this town has turned into. everyone should be ashamed of themselves. andy colwell think of him my bestfriend and how dissapointed he would be in these 3 kids who did this. awful.

    1. D Caf says:

      Hey, Brendan’s mom, try asking witnesses that won’t lie about Brendan’s involvement in the attack. lol Maybe you should have clued Brendan in that he’s the one that helps the victims and STOPS the fighting. Because I don’t think he got that memo. lol Nobody is surprised that any of the suspects were involved, so stop being so pathetic.

  7. agreed says:

    i know these 4 kids and i was there at the concert and saw mike adams kevin and perry do this brendan was not involved he stayed as far away from this as possible i know him personally and he is getting his life together and is a great kid this is just an awful thing that is going on. this passage above me from ‘disgusted’ is just how i feel especially when i saw 3 out of 4 of these kids do this. and for them it makes sense because that is all they do is look for trouble to any friends or family of michael skehill justice is not being served for your son/friend there were others involved along w mike perry and kevin and me being a witness at the concert one of these kids is just as much as a victim as michael being charged w something he didn’t and would never do what a shame. if i were friends or family of michael i would put and end to this and get the right people who did this. not blame someone and give them consequences for something they didn’t do poor brendan.

    1. fred says:

      Did he turn in the suspected criminals? If not, why not? If not, then he knew the allegded attackers’ names, therefore he is at the least an accessory after the fact. He will have his day in court. Hopefully, if convicted he serves more than a few months in prison.

    2. D Caf says:

      Geez, Brendan’s mom, if Brendan was “turning his life around” he wouldn’t be hanging out with such lowlifes. Would he now?? He’d be DISTANCING himself from people like this. The lawn section is HUGE and not assigned seating, yet poor Brendan still chose to be nice and cozy with these people who (as you say) do nothing but look for trouble. Nice try, but the real witnesses named Brendan as one of the attackers.

      1. barbara says:

        hello d caf is it? listen i don’t know you , but you apparently know me THIS is brendans mother, those other comments i have no clue who they are. so listen up, since you have sooo much to say about this, let me know who you are, and then you can call me pathetc ? and LOL me all you want. you people obviously dislike brendan, and you do have that right. but you have zero clue on the transformation of this case , so i really would suggest you shut it, and i am putting that nicley. oh unless you would like to have a chat with me? as far as you other guys , girls, you may all think you know what may be going on here, but you have no clue. it is very easy to sit behind a computer and trash, thats easy. so carry on soldiers, and next time you think a comment is being made by someone, why don’t ou actually get the fact correct before you start with trashing me. thank you barbara m mcculloch

  8. dale says:

    disgusted and agreed are the same person–the grammar is exactly the same–either that or they cheated off each other in school until they dropped out.

    1. fred says:

      I agree with you Dale. I responded to Agreed, but I have no way of knowing if I responded to his/her comments, because I can’t figure out what he/she is saying.

  9. D Caf says:

    Two more arrests to come. The charges should include attempted murder!

  10. jaime says:

    mansfield blows so bad i grew up here and seeing wut has hapned is so sad it was nvr like this now it is all about drugs nd drnkn it makes no sense and charges should not include attempted murder the kid is not dead assault is enuf nd 2 the ppl who did this i was also thr that nite nd like ‘disgusted and agreed’ did not see brendan do ths i kno mike perry and kevin and they r nthn but lowlife losers who live off fiting nd truble it rlly is sad 2 see som1 who ddnt do ths bng chrgd goes 2 show how fckd the justice systm is mansfield is a sry exxcuse for a twn

  11. nick c says:

    I grew up in Mansfield too. It really was never like this, it’s gone downhill since the years have passed. To this issue i think that they need to get the correct people who did this not give the brunt to someone who had nothing to do with it. This is so wrong and I along w/ alot of people who were there that night to see who actually did it are appaulled. Yes you have 3 out of the supposed 5 who did this but you have 1 in there that shouldn’t be that I as well personaly know him. And I feel so angry about what is happening here. Why these things happen like this i will never no either.

    1. Kevin says:

      The police arrested the correct criminals. They were identified by onlookers that were at the concert that night. Oh, the punks are running scared now. These guys are known for doing this around Mansfield. I live there and am familiar with this low-life. Let the court system take care of them and send a message to other criminals, like these, that you will not get away with it.

      They practically beat the teenager to death. Wow, the victim’s family will have law suits on these family members, for a very long time.

      Their parents must be mighty proud of the six. This young man Michael that was almost beaten to death had his athletic career, destroyed in one night.

      Michael we are all rooting for you’re speedy recovery, in Mansfield. These guys have brought disgrace to the town. I hope they are made pay for the victim’s lawyer and hospital bills.

  12. HooDatIS? says:

    these stupid punks almost killed this guy for nothing
    it dont make no darn sense
    people go out to have fun anad leave on a stretcher

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