BOSTON (CBS) – 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich continue their search for “The Dumbest Athlete” with another matchup of former MLB-ers.

#1 seed Manny Ramirez takes on #4 seed Lenny Dysktra.

Manny had many infamous brain-farts during his days with the Red Sox and beyond. Besides having two positive tests for a fertility drug commonly used to mask steroids (leading to his retirement this season), Manny had a knack for heading into the monster during a pitching change to hit up the men’s room. A few times, he just made it back as play resumed.

Then there is Dykstra, who is currently behind bars. The former Phillies All-Star has been charged for taking over $400,00 in fixtures and items from his $18.5 million mansion after declaring bankruptcy. The next day he was arrested for trying to buy a stolen car. In addition to several drug charges, there is also the story about him trying to hire a housekeeper, but adding a few extras in the job description.

Round 1 Results

In Monday’s matchup, Carl Everett beat out Jose Canseco

#1 seed Mike Tyson defeats #4 Ryan Leaf

#2 seed The Iron Sheik beats out #3 Tim Hardaway

#1 seed Rickey Henderson beats out #4 Ben Roethlisberger


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