BOSTON (CBS) – The suspension of Red Sox DH David Ortiz has been reduced to three games by Major League Baseball, meaning he will miss Boston’s series in Baltimore against the Orioles.

Orioles reliever Kevin Gregg also had his four-game suspension reduced by one game, so the two main players in the Friday July 8 melee will have to sit out as the two teams meet again.

Ortiz found out about the reduction Monday morning through his agent. He did not speak with anyone from MLB, but said he understands the suspension and will “take it like a man.”

“I know doing what I did wasn’t the right thing to do. You’re going to be punished because of that like everyone else,” said Ortiz. “I just want to get it over with and continue the season.

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Tempers flared at Fenway in the eighth inning of Boston’s 10-3 win the Friday before the All-Star break. Gregg threw three straight balls inside on Ortiz, who did not appreciate it. Words were said between the two and the benches cleared briefly, but nothing much happened.

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When Ortiz popped up with a 3-0 count, Gregg shouted at him to run out the shallow fly ball. Ortiz took exception and charged the mound. Both threw punches but did not land them. They were each ejected.

Both were suspended for four-games on July 14 but appealed the MLB’s ruling.

Ortiz has been a huge contributor to the Red Sox ML-leading offense this season, batting .294 with 19 home runs and 54 RBI.

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  1. toosoxy says:

    I would like to see Gregg’s suspension increased a game or two…

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