Back from a week’s hiatus, Felger returned to what’s been dubbed the “a-hole chair,” a seat that Massarotti filled during Felger’s absence.

Felger started out by calling out Mazz and Bertrand for their stances on the Big Papi fight incident last Monday, claiming that he left two Fridays ago wanting to see the competitive fire in the Red Sox that he had yet to see despite the Red Sox obvious breadth of talent. Felger, contrary to Mazz, applauded Big Papi for taking a stand against Kevin Gregg, pointing out that every hitter has a right to take exception to blatantly inside pitches. Mazz responded by saying that Big Papi thinks he is entitled to never be pitched on the inside part of the plate, a part of the plate that every pitcher needs to have to be effective. Felger was just happy to see that the Red Sox have a pulse and character.

Evan Longoria stated before Sunday night’s game that the game itself was the Rays’ season. Mazz agreed with Longoria’s sentiments, saying that the Rays could conceivably be far out of playoff contention by the time their upcoming four game series with the Yankees is completed. Could the Rays become sellers at the deadline if so?

Looking back on last night’s 16-inning marathon, the tandem were both very pleased with such a quality win in which, among other things, the aging captain, Jason Varitek, caught all 16 innings. They believed that this is the type of game that shows that the Red Sox could be a World Series caliber team.

Did the Orioles-Red Sox fight ignite a fire under the Red Sox belly? Is it a batter’s prerogative to swing at a 3-0 pitch up 7? Does the current makeup of the Red Sox roster negate the need to make a blockbuster trade at the trade deadline for players such as Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran or Hanley Ramirez?

Listen in to find out Felger and Mazz’s opinions and more as they delve into more Red Sox discussion today and throughout the week.

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  1. toosoxy says:

    Varitek’s stamina is amazing. Unquestionably.

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