BOSTON (CBS) – Whitey Bulger told federal authorities after his capture that he visited Mexico on several occasions to obtain heart medicine while he was on the run, according to the Boston Globe.

Bulger admitted that he traveled across the California border used fake ID’s to do it.

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Harvey Bursteen, a former FBI agent now retired from teaching criminal justice at Northeastern University, said he was not surprised by Bulger’s admission.

WBZ News Radio 1030’s Mary Blake reports.

“He’s a wise guy. To me, this is very little different from his statement to the magistrate judge, that ‘Yeah, I can have my own lawyer if you give me my money back,'” said Bursteen.

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Bursteen objects to what he calls the ‘potshots’ taken at the FBI’s Boston office, and says the team in place will act professionally and honorably as legal proceedings against Bulger continue.

Comments (4)
  1. Jon Driscoll says:

    Harvey sounds a little bitter…maybe Whiety was just a bit smarter…and if he talks,,,you know some people in law enforcment WILL FALL….

  2. Biggie1571 says:

    Harvey sounds dirty! Thank god are boarders are secure!!! OH thats right they aren’t!!!! Whats he teaching over there? how to be on the take???

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