BOSTON (CBS) – After Maxim Lapierre stuck his fingers in Patrice Bergeron’s face at the end of Game 2, Bruins coach Claude Julien said the Vancouver Canucks were making a “Mockery” of the NHL’s decision not to suspend Alex Burrows for biting Bergeron in Game 1.

He never thought his own team would do the same, but two of his players did just that in their 8-1 Game 3 win Monday night, and the coach was not pleased.

“I said this morning that I wouldn’t accept it on our team,” Julien said after the game. “It happened a couple of times tonight. They’ve been told that I don’t want any of that stuff.”

Mark Recchi and Milan Lucic took things into their own hands, literally, when they stuck their fingers in front of Lapierre and Burrows, respectively.

“You know, like I said, you got to live by your words,” the coach continued. “It was disappointing for me to see that happen after what I said this morning. But part of it is my fault for not bringing it up to the guys. They did it. Emotions got the better of them. I’m going to stand here and say I’m not accepting it. The guys have been told.”

After a stern talking-to from their coach, the Bruins are pledging not to stoop to the Canucks level anymore.

Milan Lucic On Game 3 Taunting

Claude Julien On Bruins Taunting

“It’s something that this team isn’t about,” Lucic said after the game. “It’s something that I’m not about. It’s definitely a classless move. Claude talked about it, he definitely game me some heat after the game. You regret doing it, but heat of the moment type of things, things like that will happen.”

“I got in trouble for that. Coach gave me heck for that,” Recchi said with a chuckle. “We didn’t know this morning that he said something. You know, it’s emotional out there. But it won’t happen again.”

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Although the Bruins were just standing up for Bergeron and making sure the Canucks knew the Bruins were not going to give up after the first two games of the series, Julien does not want any of the funny business brought into Game 4.

“I don’t want that stuff in our game,” said Julien. “I think we have to be better than that. Emotions are running high. It was a very physical game. There was a lot of stuff going on. You can live with that kind of stuff. But the other stuff, as you mentioned, I don’t want to see.”

“You guys could all see it, it got kind of chippy there at the end,” said Lucic. “Burrows kind of came in there and gave Timmy a slash right on the hand there. We’ve been team-tough all year long; we’re not going to accept that. I think we did a good job having each other’s backs.”

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“You know, it’s an emotional game,” said Recchi. “You get involved. Obviously when it happens to one of your teammates, they kind of mock you a little bit, when it happened in Game 1, it was a little bit — you know, it’s a little bit of frustration on our part.”

“It is what it is, and we’ll forget about it and get ready for the next game,” the 21-year veteran said.

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