BOSTON (CBS/AP) – Bruins forward Nathan Horton will miss the remainder of the Stanley Cup finals with a severe concussion, the team announced Tuesday.

It was first reported by 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Tony Massarotti.

The NHL will hold a disciplinary hearing with Vancouver Canucks defenseman Aaron Rome on Tuesday to discuss the blindside hit that sent Horton to the hospital in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals.

League spokesman Frank Brown said the hearing was scheduled for 11 a.m. The league had no other comment on the hit and referred all questions on Horton’s condition to the Bruins.

Horton remained hospitalized for tests Tuesday morning after leaving the game on a stretcher, strapped to a backboard with his neck immobilized, in the first period of a scoreless game.

The Bruins scored four times in the second period and four more in the third to win 8-1 and cut Vancouver’s lead in the series to 2-1.

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“We talked about obviously playing for Horty,” said Bruins forward Mark Recchi, who scored twice. “We knew it was a late hit, but we were a little more concerned about his health at that point. We know he’s doing a lot better right now and he’s doing OK at the hospital.”

Shawn Thornton On Horton Injury/Hit

Horton had just passed the puck when Rome came at him from the blindside, lowered his shoulder and flattened him — the kind of hit the NHL has tried to eliminate after several players have sustained severe concussions, including Bruins forward Marc Savard.

In response, the league banned blindside hits to the head of unsuspecting opponents.

“Looking back at the hit, you say was it a dirty hit,” Bruins coach Claude Julien said. “I think what I would call it is, it was a blindside hit that we’ve talked about taking out of the game. He made the pass. It was late. He came from the blindside. … (I) say what I always say: ‘Let the league take care of it.’ We’re trying to clean that out. Let’s see where they go with that.”

Horton crashed to the ice, apparently hitting his head on the ground, then remained there without moving while his right arm hung ominously in the air. Trainers rushed out to tend to him; after several minutes, they strapped him to a board and wheeled him off on a gurney.

Rome was called over to the penalty box, then ushered off the ice with a major penalty for interference and an ejection.

“Obviously, you never want to see any player leave in that situation,” Canucks coach Alain Vigneault said. “I think our whole team and myself and the whole organization hopes that he’s all right. … I don’t think that’s the hit that the league is trying to take out of the game. This is a physical game, you have big guys. Fraction of a second to decide what’s happening out there. It’s very unfortunate. You never want to see that. But this is a physical game.”

Fans, who gasped at the initial hit and again when it was replayed on the scoreboard, cheered for Horton as he was wheeled off the ice. The team later announced that he was sent to Massachusetts General Hospital and able to move his arms and legs; a similar message on the scoreboard was greeted with a standing ovation.

“The first time I saw was up on the scoreboard,” Julien said.

“Then I went in the dressing room between periods and I went in the clinic and asked a little bit more; it was basically the same thing. They didn’t know more than what was written there: that he was obviously moving around a little bit.”

The third overall pick in the 2003 draft, Horton played six years for the Florida Panthers — and never made the postseason — before he was traded to Boston last summer. He had 26 goals and 27 assists for the Bruins in the regular season and eight goals and nine assists in 20 playoff games — including two Game 7 winners.

“We lost a pretty good player,” Julien said. “We’ll have to move some players around. Right now I haven’t really made my roster up for next game. I can’t give you that answer right now. But we’ll find solutions. We always do.”

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Comments (28)
  1. Joe Loiselle says:

    Vigneault is clearly an idiot if he thinks Rome’s hit is NOT what the league is looking to eliminate. The sleeping Giant has awoken and les Canucks will rue the cheap shot that changed the complexion of this series. B’s in 6 and you can put the house on it.

    1. B's Fan says:

      I agree it was a dirty hit 100% and he should be suspended for the remainder of the finals! The Vancouver coach is an idiot but it doesnt surprise me the whole team are dirty players! I also think Bruins in 6 after what happened to horty they wont stand for that and there will still be hell to pay!

    2. Habsrule says:

      Isn’t karma beautiful the Bruins play dirty all year cheap shot everybody and now the fans are crying foul. Does everybody forget the Pacioretty hit? In Chara’s words I didn’t know where the stantions were this coming from an NHL player what an idiot.

      Calling DR Recchi I repeat calling DR Recchi.

      GO Canucks GO

      1. Matt the Accountant says:

        I hope terrible things happen to you and your family.

      2. Habsrule says:

        Matt the accountant you’re an even bigger idiot than the bruins players.

      3. Keith says:

        2 wrongs make a right! Pacioretty was back on the ice like 5 days later. And yes it was a late hit by Chara. Blindside hits cause severe brain injuries and there’s no place for that

      4. Matt the Accountant says:

        And you, sir, are a troll.

        How are your Habs doing? What happened to them this year?

      5. Habsrule says:

        To Matt it took the Bruins 7 games and 3 of them in OT to beat the Habs when the they were missing Markov, Josh Georges, and Pacioretty WOW what an accomplishment. Are you telling me if the Bruins didn’t have Chara and Horton they would beat the Habs comon gibe your head a shake.

      6. Matt the Accountant says:

        Habs, you make excellent points.

        However, I must chant….Score-board! Score-board!

        Habs are not in the playoffs, Bruins are. Deal with it.

      7. HAHA84 says:


      8. Ashley says:

        OMG really!? i was livid when i read this report… now you just make me want to track you down and let you know how much you suck….you must have NO people who like you.. poor thing… i’ll be your friend… no, not really. Actually !why dont you tell us where you work? we’ll come and tackle you so that your body is limp like hortons and need to be carted off by medics.. then you can comment… so ignorant… hence, you then become an idiot

      9. Cinque says:

        I have a strong feeling that, as a child, you fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. It doesn’t matter what player from any team takes a hit like this, the league has got to do something about it. One other thing, Montreal lost and is now watching this series so take off your Canadien pajamas and get a life.

      10. Habsrule says:

        Ashley you need to settle down now you’re more than welcome to come to best country in the world Canada. What happened to Horton is a bad thing and the NHL needs to crack down on these kind of hits, but why is it ok for NESN and Jack Edwards to promote violence for Bruins games what a joke.

  2. Scotty says:

    Wow Mazz! You earned your money with this information…Hey, 98.5 I’m looking for a new job and can give you lots of useless info, will you hire me???

  3. Sean says:

    Guys, u have to admit, we are being hypocritical here. If it was a Bruins player laying out a Canucks player we all know what we would be saying.
    Just like when Chara took out Pacioretty, we cant dish it out and not be able to take it. We have to be better than that

  4. Todd says:

    Time to put the Swedish sisters and their vegetarian friends away for good.

  5. B's Fan says:

    Ok first off the Chara hit was late but it was not a dirty hit he never left his feet they were just at a bad place on the ice and Chara has no record of ever being that type of player now for the CANUCK it was a late hit head shot he left his feet he knew what he was doing. O and yea this is his second time in the playoffs this year with a hit like that he desereves to be suspended until next year he is a dirty player and has a record of it. And for Lapierre and Borrows (the 2 BIGGEST babies in the hockey leauge) they start stuff then run and hid when they are confronted by the bruins be men and own up to what you did and stop falling into fetal position every time a bruin comes for you!!!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    from where i was sitting, it certainly looked like it was intentional to me!!!

  7. Harold Rolston says:

    Charo is still slashing the players even after that happened and no penalty to him in this regard . He seems to be able to hit anyone he likes and no one seems to correct his error. We have been a WBZ listener for several years now and cannot believe that you cannot see what is happening in sports. Bulling doesn’t solve the problems no matter which team is involved..

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