BOSTON (CBS) – The ‘hit’ on Bruins forward Nathan Horton from Canucks defenseman Aaron Rome has many wondering what the ‘severe concussion’ diagnosis means.

The encouraging news is that Horton should recover, according to Dr. William Meehan, director of the Sports Concussion Clinic at Children’s Hospital. But, the recovery timetable is the great unknown.

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Meehan said it looks like Horton suffered what’s called a concussive convulsion.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mary Blake reports.

“A concussion is unique, as in there’s no bleeding, there’s no swelling, no cuts or bruising of the brain. It’s just that it’s not working properly,” said Meehan.

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Meehan said that physical and mental rest is what’s prescribed.

Meehan added that the first major study out on brain function before or after concussion in sports was in 1999 and said most sports concussions in football and hockey occur when the person doesn’t see the hit coming.


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