BOSTON (CBS) – The tornadoes that hit western and central Massachusetts Wednesday left multiple trails of destruction.

Photos: Tornadoes Tear Through Massachusetts

Here are the damage reports that came in from the Amateur Radio SKYWARN severe weather spotters network:

  • 906 PM: Auburn, Mass: Route 12 and 20 interesction and Central Street flooded with 12-18″ water
  • 854 PM: Concord, Mass: Several 4-6″ Diameter Trees Down
  • 854 PM: Southampton, Mass: Tree down on desertside road
  • 845 PM: Acton, Mass: 3/4″ Hail and Large Branches Down on Route 27
  • 840 PM: West Brookfield, Mass: Pea Sized hail
  • 837 PM: Palmer, Mass: Pea Sized Hail
  • 801 PM: North Leominster, Mass: 3/4″ Hail and tree down on house on Bellview Road
  • 801 PM: Springfield, Mass: Funnel cloud spotted along the river on the West Springfield/Springfield, Got low to the ground then dissipated.
  • 757 PM: Winchendon, Mass: Nickel Sized Hail
  • 755 PM: Lunenberg, Mass: 3/8″ Hail
  • 743 PM: Ashburnham, Mass: 1/4″ Hail
  • 740 PM: Gardner, Mass: Golf Ball Sized Hail
  • 734 PM: Gardner, Mass: Pea Sized Hail
  • 730 PM: Auburn, Mass: Pea Sized Hail
  • 728 PM: Winchendon, Mass: 3/4″ Hail
  • 725 PM: Sturbridge, Mass: Trees down on Route 49, funnel cloud spotted. Was reported as a funnel cloud at 718 PM
  • 715 PM: Charlton, Mass: 1/4″ hail on the Mass Pike
  • 718 PM: Sturbridge, Mass: Funnel Cloud/Strong rotation..tornado touchdown..podunk road…trees down
  • 713 PM: Walpole, Mass: West Street Railroad underpass flooded out
  • 713 PM: Walpole, Mass: 1/2″ Hail
  • 650 PM: Ware, Mass: Washignton at Main Street impassable due to debris
  • 642 PM: Worcester, Mass: Route 122/Route 203 Interchange Flooded with 3 feet of water.
  • 640 PM: East Providence, RI: Pea Sized Hail
  • 640 PM: Stoughton, Mass: Pea to Dime Sized Hail on Route 24 near BJs.
  • 637 PM: Milbury, Mass: Milbury Ave/Wheelock Street -2feet of street flooding in the area
  • 632 PM: Agawam, Mass: Pea Sized Hail on High Street
  • 630 PM: Belchertown, Mass: Trees Down and Pea sized Hail
  • 618 PM: West Walpole, Mass: 1/2″ Hail
  • 615 PM: Worcester, Mass: 3/4″ Hail in College Hill
  • 615 PM: Chicopee, Mass: Quarter Sized Hail – Westover Road Also, Nickel Sized Hail in the area
  • 609 PM: Medway, Mass: 1.00″ Hail mixed with 1/2-1″ hail
  • 606 PM: Grafton, Mass: 1/4″ Hail in Grafton Hill
  • 606 PM: Grafton, Mass: Wires Down on Creeper Hill
  • 605 PM: Worcester, Mass: 1/4-1/2″ Hail apricrot street
  • 602 PM: Chicopee, Mass: Pea Sized Hail on Gratan Street
  • 602 PM: Worcester, Mass: Large Branches Down on Columbus Street
  • 549 PM: Westfield, Mass: Pea Sized Hail
  • 548 PM: Grafton, Mass: 1/2″ Hail
  • 547 PM: Milbury, Mass: 3/8″-1/2″ Hail
  • 547 PM: Northbridge, Mass: 1/2″ Hail near the Grafton line
  • 533 PM: Sutton, Mass: 3/4″ Hail in West Sutton Mass
  • 532 PM: Worcester, Mass: 1/4″ Hail on Main and High Street
  • 529 PM: Sturbridge, Mass: 2.00″ hail on Hamilton Road
  • 527 PM: Sturbridge, Mass: Trees and Power Lines down on Stallion Hill Road Fiskdale section with Multiple large trees down on fish ill road.
  • 525 PM: Charlton, Mass: 2-4″ Branches with a 10″ diamaeter branch down in the schoolhouse road area and route 31. Debris being removed from the area.
  • 517-522 PM: Sturbridge, Mass: 1-2 foot dimaeter trees down on Route 15. Trees down in the Village area. Large highway sign on I-84 near Exit 2, cars blown off road and one car flipped over on to its roof. Possible Tornado Touchdown.
  • 517 PM: Holland, Mass: Large Trees down
  • 510 PM: Southbridge, Mass: Trees down blocking Sturbridge parkway road impassable. Tornado Touchdown on Chaplin and Charlton Road with car flipped over and trees down. Trees down on Airport Road.
  • 500 PM: Brimfield, Mass: 1.00″ Hail
  • 500 PM: Wilbraham, Mass: 1.00″ Hail
  • 500 PM: Brimfield, Mass: Trees and Wires down near Valley Green Campground
  • 455 PM: Hadley, Mass: Tree Down on Bay Road, wires down in area.
  • 446 PM: Monson, Mass: Person stuck in vehicle on Eli Street due trees and wires down.
  • 446 PM: Monson, Mass: Golf Ball Sized Hail
  • 446 PM: Monson, Mass: Numerous Trees and Wires down on Waide Road. 6 homes destroyed,Police Department and EOC received structural damage.
  • 446 PM: Hardwick, Mass: Pea Sized Hail
  • 440 PM: Ludlow, Mass: Houses collapsed with people trapped
  • 432 PM: Springfield, Mass: Route 5 from Memorial Bridge to north end bridge. Trees and wires down.
  • Roosevelt Avenue, house with roofs and other parts of homes blown off by Catherdral High School
  • 432 PM: West Springfield, Mass and Springfield Mass:
  • TORNADO TOUCHDOWN…MAJOR DAMAGE…Multiple trees and wires down on Main Street/Union Street
  • 6 houses totally destroyed. 50 homes damaged. 1 confirmed fatality.
  • 432 PM: West Springfield, Mass:
  • Tree down on House on Hill Street Tree down on car on Union Street
  • 432 PM: Springfield, Mass:
  • Roof off house on Wilcox Street near Main Street. 3 story building collapse on Wilcox Street. McDuffy School on Ames Hill Road Significant damage to structure.
  • Tractor Trailer blown over on the Memorial Bridge
  • 432 PM: Springfield, Mass:l several Homes destroyed on Allen Street and Broadway
  • 427 PM: Chicopee, Mass: 1.00″ Hail
  • 427 PM: Springfield, Mass: 1/2″ Hail
  • 422 PM: Belchertown, Mass: Routes 9 and 22 Near Quabbin Shoping plaza, counterclockwise rotation reported
  • 420 PM: Westfield, Mass: Trees and Utility Poles down Shaker Road and Union Street. Pictures of Tornado Touchdown in Westfield.
  • 420 PM: Westfield, Mass: Propane Gas Tank blown over and trees down on Punpousett Road
  • 343 PM: Peru, Mass: Half Dollar Sized Hail

Possible Tornado Touchdowns with no damage reported yet:

  • 648 PM: East Longmeadow, Mass: Possible Tornado Touchdown on Allen and Cooley street
  • 627 PM: Springfield, MAss: Possible Tornado Touchdown on Pascaog Road. One person ordered to shelter on Tinkhaum Road
  • 627 PM: Springfield, Mass: Tornado touchdown reported on Tasco Road per Springfield EOC
  • 553 PM: Douglas, Mass: Possible Tornado Touchdown on Route 16. No damage reported.
  • 545 PM: Oxford, Mass: Possible Tornado TOuchdown No Damage Reported.

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