DORCHESTER (CBS) — A teenager from Dorchester was formally charged Friday with murdering another teen from Dorchester at the beginning of May.

Nhu Nguyen, 19, is charged with shooting and killing Derek Matulina, 19, at the Savin Hill MBTA station on May 7.

Nguyen was ordered held without bail and expected to be back in court on June 21.

Prosecutors say Nguyen and Matulina knew each other before the deadly confrontation, and there had been other incidents leading up to this one. They said there was an argument outside the T station on the day of the shooting and it continued up to the platform.

At that point, investigators said Matulina came at Nguyen from behind and hit him several times with a padlock wrapped in a bandanna.

A third person separated at the two and then Nguyen pulled a gun from his waistband and shot Matulina once in the chest. He was able to run a short ways and call 911 before collapsing. He died at Boston Medical Center.

Nguyen was arrested three days later at a friend’s house in Portland, Maine.

Comments (2)
  1. Cynic says:

    These People go through the horrors of what they they had to deal with in Vietnam,come to this country and work their behinds off and then thier idiot kids without a brain in the thick skulls get involved in stuff like this.
    On the plus side:they are the extreme minority,the overwhelming majority work just as hard to accomplish as much as they can as thier parents and make this Country a better place.
    Maybe he should be given a one way ticket to Viet Nam and let him learn what the real world is like.

  2. gwen says:

    my heart goes out to both families. God is the final JUDGE. let’s get rid of BULLETS, since money for guns doesn’t work.

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