Dorchester Man Arrested In Savin Hill Fatal Shooting

PORTLAND, Maine (CBS) — A man has been arrested in the fatal shooting at the Savin Hill MBTA train station on Saturday.

Nhu Nguyen, 19, of Dorchester, was arrested Thursday night in Portland, Maine by the Maine Violent Offender Task Force, US Marshals Service and the Boston Police Department Fugitive Apprehension Unit.

He is charged with killing Derek Matulina, 19, of Dorchester.

Boston police said a fight broke out on the platform after 2 p.m. Saturday. Witnesses told officers that several people went after one person. At some point during the fight, a gun was fired and Matulina was shot. He died at Boston Medical Center.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley said in a written statement, “This was a shocking act of violence that will not go unanswered. I hope Mr. Matulina’s family can find some reassurance in the fact that police and prosecutors worked night and day to reach this point.”

Boston Police and MBTA Transit Police headed up the investigation.

Nguyen is expected to be arraigned in Maine Friday afternoon as a fugitive from justice. His arraignment in Boston has not yet been scheduled.

  • Savin Hill MOM

    OMG thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP Derek

  • Loiza

    Thank god…. finally the Boston police department does something right… and for that I thank them. R.I.P Derek You will always live on in my heart…

  • Antoinette MissToni Johnson

    So why were all those Black boys arrested?

    • Loiza

      What does race have to do with anything… they knew info so they were arrested… Not cause they were black.. Ignorance

  • Loiza

    What does race have to do with anything… they knew info so they were arrested… Not cause they were black.. Ignorance

  • Savin Hill MOM

    Actually those BLACK boys were NOT arrested just brought in for questioning. You must be ignorant to put rase on a coward who took someones life. Funny that the kid that was shot was not black nor was the person arrested for the murder. Ignorance is bliss.

  • loving friend

    Thank god he was caught.. Derek was like a lil brother to me, he was a gd person wl an amazing heart. Sadly enough he used to be friends wl the kid who killed him. I very much agree wl u ladies. Bringing up races is ignorant because i dont care if ur black, white or purple, if u know info u should be questioned. I believe those kids were there when this happened n witnesses saw these kids run into that house. Derek is gone because of a coward who couldnt deal wl matters now justice will be served. Thanks to th BPD!

  • Another Savin Hill Mom

    People are going to continue to make biased comments because the media has decided not to set the record straight. Those boys who ran from the station were not involved. They were present only because they were waiting for the train. They were questioned, they cooperated, and they were cleared.

    They ran, because they value their lives, and the lunatic at the other end of the platform obviously didn’t. I can’t imagine any other sane person who may have been standing on that platform wouldn’t have run for their life as well.

    To Dereks parents, I am so sorry for the loss of your child. I hope that you get the justice you so rightfully deserve.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God he was caught? Do you guys even know what the hell happened? It’s called self defense. Those four men were coming to help Derek attack the suspect. So obviously, the suspect is gonna save his own life.

    • Savin Hill MOM

      So to Anonymous you do NOT have your facts straight at all. Why don’t you let the police do there job and not make statements that are so far from the truth. Did you ever think that maybe those four men were going to break up the fight. Get the ignorance out of this. This was a tragic incident that should have never happened. Why would a 19 year old have a gun in his possesion? You carry a gun you have to know that if you fire your gun and shot someone and that person dies you will be charged with MURDER. None of this nonsense of self defense is ever going to hold up in court. The whole thing is on video tape. Maybe this kid was your friend and you want to defend him but who can defend Derek? He is DEAD.

      • anonymous

        Why would a nineteen yr old have a gun?.. Lol it’s Dorchester.. I’m pretty sure plenty of young people have guns.. You’re tellin’ me Derek never possessed a gun before? Maybe not, but it wouldn’t be surprising. And you’re telling me that “this self defense nonsense” won’t hold up in court…. then why did the cop confirm to me that my friend indeed got beat up first therefore he shot him. The cop even told me that he would’ve done the same thing. So please miss, I’m far from being ignorant. AND YES THE WHOLE THING IS ON VIDEO TAPE, which just helps confirms it all. And I agree that it’s terrible that Derek is dead, but turn it around, imagine Derek was the suspect and he shot someone who hit him first.. should he do time? No, it’s self defense.

  • anon

    It’s called thug shooting thug – now we have two thugs off the streets, and hopefully that crackhouse on the corner of dot ave and savin hill ave will finally get emptied out.

  • michael

    man i hated this kid i went too elementary school with him and we called him booger eater. i knew he would grow up violently, oh god never knew he would kill someone. in sunday school he would always be the trouble maker. :[ this kid bullied almost stabbed me at one point, im glad he is behind bars :D.

    • Anonymous

      Do you think he wanted to kill him? (no.) And just because he was known as a trouble maker, shouldn’t define him as a whole person.

  • Angry Reader

    Anonymous, shut your god damn mouth, no one cares for whatever you have to say to defend your “friend”. All he is, is a coward with a gun, nothing more, nothing less, actually a lot less….but honestly I don\t care if he was getting his ass kicked, because he probably deserved it, seeing as he’s a kid who carries around a gun, clearly he knows people have issues with him.

    • Anonymous

      To angry reader, you’re stupid.

  • Compassionate

    I honestly feel bad for both parties. Poor kid that was shot, no one should EVER get killed even if you were fighting. Even if you deserved it, it is no ones place to take a life. The previous comment is really ignorant were you spoke about the kid and his childhood. You don’t know what anyone goes through you should not say things like that. Either way do you feel better about yourself that you bullied him and called “bogged eater”‘? That you “hate” him? Instead of talking like that! Why don’t you help others that are lost, that could turn violent, that need that help? Why sit here and further make fun of them! Go out be a big brother to these lost children! Maybe if we had better role models our streets would be cleaner. Dont antagonize the problem, help the problem!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much, I feel the exact same way.

  • Dorchester Teen Charged With Murder In MBTA Station Shooting « CBS Boston

    […] Nhu Nguyen, 19, is charged with shooting and killing Derek Matulina, 19, at the Savin Hill MBTA station on May 7. […]

  • Anonymous

    for all you people saying Derek was such a good kid I knew him personelly
    and he was not a innocent Saint. he was a reckless and dangerous person on the
    street I give him the street cred of not being scared of anybody,however if you
    hit someone from behind with a padlock knowing they have a gun your looking
    to get shot. he had guts but did not respect anybody and thats what got him killed. I hope my friend nhu holds his head as it was not his fault this kid attacked him and to answer the comments up there YES derek had previously carried a gun as well. NOBODY in the game is innocent and thats that.

    my heart goes out to Derek’s famillly as this is a tragic event no mother should go through.

    and NHU hold your head we still got love for you out here
    just a overall sad situation that is at fault for both parties

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