BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court says it will start implementing some of the recommendations made by a task force appointed to review hiring of court officers.

Chief Justice for Administration and Management Robert Mulligan said Friday after a review of the recommendations the court could begin work on those that set the stage for future hiring and affect current staff.

The plan by the task force chaired by former state Attorney General Scott Harshbarger includes best practices for attracting and employing the most qualified people, restricting the use of recommendations until finalists are selected, and annual performance evaluations.

The task force was established to review hiring practices in all branches of the judiciary following a report that found rampant political patronage in hiring decisions within the Probation Department.

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  1. Mark says:

    If you are a relative of a politician holding office you cannot work anywhere in government. Same goes for friends. If you are a poitician your tax records need to be public.

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