BOSTON (AP) — Officials in the Massachusetts Probation Department have confirmed that they have been instructed by federal prosecutors to preserve all of the agency’s documents amid a federal investigation.

A probation spokeswoman said Tuesday that U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz has asked Acting Probation Administrator John Corbett Jr. to ensure that probation employees receive a notice from Ortiz regarding the preservation of documents.

The Boston Globe reported Tuesday that Ortiz sent Corbett a letter notifying him that a federal grand jury is investigating alleged violations of federal laws.

Ortiz ordered probation officials to preserve e-mails, laptop files, Blackberry text messages and all paper records.

The federal investigation comes following a scathing report on the agency’s hiring practices. State officials are also investigating the agency.

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  1. sloppy_joe says:

    If the state of Mass was a company it would of went out of business decades ago

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