Police Looking For Driver Who Nearly Hit Hanover Family

HANOVER (CBS) – Police are looking for an Abington woman after she nearly hit a family with her car and collided with their house while evading pursing officers in Hanover on Tuesday.

Kathleen Tierney was pulled over at the intersection of Webster Street and East Water Street in Rockland on Tuesday for a traffic violation. Police said she got out of her Monte Carlo in a “frantic” manner. As an officer attempted to help her, she hopped back into her car, put it in reverse, and attempted to hit officers.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports.

The officer managed to avoid Tierney, who then took off and the pursuit was on.

Police later broke off their pursuit after she almost hit the Dr. Tim Curran and his daughter Laura outside their Hanover home.

“It seemed to happen so fast, but other times it was in slow motion,” said Curran, who was in the front yard and saw Tierney turn toward him.

kathleen tierney Police Looking For Driver Who Nearly Hit Hanover Family

Kathleen Tierney has outstanding warrants in three other towns.

Curran then yelled for his children to get out of the way as he ran over to shield them.

“We just tried to brace for the impact,” said Curran.

Tierney just hit a corner of the house, narrowly missing Curran and the children before taking off.

Officers then found Tierney’s car on Pond Street Thursday morning, about three miles away from Hanover house she hit.

Tierney has outstanding warrants three towns, including in Holbrook, where she is accused in a hit-and-run accident (she hit a car parked in a driveway there) and in Abington.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez contributed to this report.

  • JPM

    i was buying that car from this woman and she stole it back last week. THATS MY CAR!!

  • Sloppy_Joe

    wow a woman driver what are the chances!

  • ???

    HMM DUI ?

  • emom

    And now she is on the lamb, HOW could they allow her to have racked up so many violations. when would it stop at one or two.. This happens way to often and puts so many folks and children at risk of danger. selfishness at its best

  • ddg

    Ok, this woman looks like she is a crack head, who would buy a car from her, she needs to be locked up in jail, she is a danger to the public

  • J McGrath

    please follow this story and let us know when they catch her!

  • agraziano

    Awwwww, it really is your car! You guys don’t deserve this at all, she’s crazy! They will catch her though and you will hopefully get your car back!

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