NH Police: Woman Zaps Pregnant Driver With Stun Gun

Update: 5:30 p.m Friday Click Here

PEMBROKE, N.H. (CBS) – A woman allegedly zapped a pregnant woman with a stun gun in a case of road rage in New Hampshire earlier this week.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson talks with police about shocking new details in the case  

Police said 22-year-old Carissa Williams got upset when the other driver, a 28-year-old pregnant woman, was going too slow along a highway in Pembroke.

Williams started throwing items at the pregnant woman’s car.

At some point, Williams passed the woman, but the two ended up getting off at the same exit. The pregnant woman was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher to report the incident when Williams entered her car and attacked her.

The victim was upset, but will be fine.

Williams, who was tracked down at her home on Wednesday afternoon, was arraigned on Thursday morning and is being held on $100,000 bail.

Update: 5:30 p.m Friday Click Here

  • gordon

    Should be attempted murder of an unborn child if that charge is available.

    • Mike

      Ignorance is misspelling ignorance.

    • Eric

      no way it’s not a baby yet remember.


    • Rich

      Your ignorant, racist comment couldn’t further from the man who made the name you use famous. Get help.

    • Henry Thoreau

      Her lawyer should get her off easy. First, she’s a molatto like our redbone Commi in Chief. She probably hates white people because they’re smarter than her. Another plus. And she probably is sucking off tax payer money in every way possible. It’s like a Eric Holder’s ideal man.

      As long as she didn’t cut the baby out of her stomach, clean it off, give it birth certificate, and throw the baby in a tree mulcher while fox news is filming, it’s legal in Obama’s world.

      Attempted murder only applies when the government recognizes that life exists besides themselves. And they don’t.

    • Cain

      LOL. Thanks Mke. Made my day already.

    • Ted

      Any other state, no question. In New Hampshire, I had to check the picture. Pembroke’s quite a ways from Lowell.

    • Regulas

      I just love the hypocrisy of this country. Charge her for murder of an unborn but it would be just fine to show up ay a clinic and murder the baby through an abortion.

    • that one guy

      I disagree. Women can choose to kill babies at almost anytime before they are born and it is not considered murder. It shouldn’t be murder in one instance and not murder for another.

      • screagle

        it’s only murder if a man does it

    • infoguy543

      A citizen tazes a pregnant woman = attempted murder

      A cop tazes a pregnant woman = legal ( apparently)

      • edk

        FOOL: law enforcement moved to the option to use tazer as a less than lethal response to immobilize an attacker vs resorting to firing a lead projectile through one’s heart etc..etc.. edk

      • Ted

        Uh, yeah. Cops are allowed to shoot people with Tasers, or with real bullets. People that are angry at other drivers are not. When a cop says “stop or I’ll shoot”, you should stop. Especially if you’re pregnant.

    • emily

      i so agree

    • Charlie

      The police around here always r a bit to much, I feel like when u got 3 police pull over the wrong car that was the wrong car, again most cops have big heads and egos

      • Roze

        What does that have to do with anything?

      • Bob

        Charlie, They have big egos, or you have inadequacies…? You were also an English major in College, weren’t you? Your grammar is certainly at the top of your inadequacy list… (u got…?) How about “you have.”
        Pretty good, the Police pulled over the wrong car that was the wrong car, Wow…Your Mother lets you have a computer in the basement?

      • Bill Johnson

        Your comment makes no sense, try again when sober.

      • Damocles

        What a dipstick. Sounds like you’ve been on the wrong side of the law…maybe many times?

      • Jones

        That’s got to be Charlie Sheen…?

      • andrew

        what the he11 are you saying?

      • TKings

        Bob, before you start pointing fingers at someone’s grammar, you should proofread your “sentence”- (Pretty good, the Police pulled over the wrong car that was the wrong car, Wow…Your Mother lets you have a computer in the basement?)

        That aside, this is a serious issue, but I do have to agree with Charlie that the police in New Hampshire are a bit aggressive. For example, going the wrong way up a one-way street will get you arrested and charged with reckless driving in Durham…even if you show the cop your Google directions! I have also seen cops in New Hampshire use excessive force when breaking up a high school party, using billy clubs and mace. While this woman is crazy for attacking the pregnant woman, she needs therapy and education to learn how to control herself.

      • Bob


      • TKings

        “Pretty good, the Police pulled over the wrong car that was the wrong car, Wow…Your Mother lets you have a computer in the basement?”

        Some of the grammatical errors are as follows-
        -when quoting someone you should use quotes “”
        -“Police” nor “Mother” should be capitalized
        -This is a fragment, not a sentence.

        Look, I am not trying to insult you, I am merely indicating that your comment was kind of silly because you did not make the point you were trying to make. You are right, Charlie does not have very good grammar, but he makes a point that is relevant to the article.

      • proudnot2bliberal


        Bob, before you start pointing fingers at someone’s grammar, you should proofread your “sentence”- (Pretty good, the Police pulled over the wrong car that was the wrong car, Wow…Your Mother lets you have a computer in the basement?)

        That aside, this is a serious issue, but I do have to agree with Charlie that the police in New Hampshire are a bit aggressive. For example, going the wrong way up a one-way street will get you arrested and charged with reckless driving in Durham…even if you show the cop your Google directions! I have also seen cops in New Hampshire use excessive force when breaking up a high school party, using billy clubs and mace. While this woman is crazy for attacking the pregnant woman, she needs therapy and education to learn how to control herself.”

        From your arrogant & anti authority statements it sounds like you’re a college professor or another type of mentally challenged egghead. Believe me I know this type of elitist ignorance; I worked at a university for over 16 years and have seen it all.

        As for the police using billy clubs & mace to break up a high school party what were they supposed to say “oh please stop pretty please”??

        Then there’s the comment “going the wrong way up a one-way street will get you arrested and charged with reckless driving …even if you show the cop your Google directions!” Well STUPID have you ever heard of road signs? You’re one of these morons who would turn into a building if there GPS told them to.

        In the good old days you’d be institutionalized instead teaching our children

      • Literate Guy

        Now, boys and girls — if you read the article, please, let’s have a show of hands.

        I counted seven formidable sentences to read and comprehend. If you lack the inclination or are too inept to read said sentences, please kindly keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

        Now, regarding the article: This is one reason why, as a New Hampshire resident, I carry concealed when I’m around Manch-Vegas during odd hours. It’s not really a bad town for crime, relatively speaking, but I don’t believe in the alleged default “good” of humans.

        This is New Hampshire. People quite frequently drive slowly. Yes, it’s irritating at times, but if you’re too impatient to be courteous or at a minimum refrain from violence, then I strongly recommend you stay off of our roads.

      • Miranda

        This Charlie must be THE Charlie Sheen, how can you amateur’s expect more than that “Winning” answer.

    • Jones

      So abortion should be considered Murder???

      • WGW

        What kind of idiot thinks something is not alive unless it has a social security number? I guess that would be news to the thousands of illegal aliens in our country. Under that theory, we can shoot a few of them tonight and not get arrested – you can’t kill something that is not alive. WHAT AN IDIOZT! No doubt he is an Obama-loving Democrat!

      • The Diver


        Abortion is consentualy.This would be murder.

        The Mother and the Doctor performing an abortion is consentual? Incorrect! This is a conspiricy to take another’s life….in other words…MURDER. According to your warped line of thought…Just how does the fetus consent to this act?

      • bigtimeliberal


      • Joe the Pimpernel


        If you aren’t alive without a social security number, then you can’t be President without a birth certificate.

        Fair is fair.

      • WillK

        Even if you have a pro-choice view on the issue, that shouldn’t matter. Abortion is about a mother’s choice to terminate a pregnancy. If the attacker harmed the unborn child or whatever you would call it, that is not the choice of the pregnant woman.

      • leslie


      • Stepp

        Is a baby dead? YES!

      • A Man Not A Number

        @Timothy: What kind of idiotic comment is that? You’re not alive until you have an SS#?! ROFLMFAO!!!! What a robot.

        So, if I don’t want to participate in the Old Age Survivor’s Benefit program, I’m not alive. LMFAO

        You need some psychological help.

      • Cap

        No, it should be considered murder

      • Fugonn

        @Timothy – your SSN# requirement is hilarious! So, illegal immigrants aren’t alive?! HAHAHA moron!

      • J C ME

        Timothy @March 11, 2011 at 3:46 pm

        “you do not show me its SS#, is not alive.”
        Yea kill one of those illegal aliens without a SS#, see what happens.

      • It's a life too.


      • jbrown

        ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else can you call the horrific killing of a defenseless child?

      • Leslie Mother of 5

        She wasn’t having an abortion she was driving home minding her own business and was attacked…. So by your thinking if the other woman had killed this woman’s baby she should be charged with practicing medicine without a license? Unbelievable the stupidity of people…

      • Timothy

        @ “It’s a life too”
        Don’t say!… and what Social Security Number would it have? Until you do not show me its SS#, is not alive.

      • Beauxdog

        Really? So a baby born in Italy… which doesn’t have a SS#… is not alive? Hmmmm… interesting concept.

      • George F Somsel

        Absolutely !

      • Brian


    • Reader

      Killing a baby inside the womb is called abortion. Abortion is legal.

      • James

        By your “logic” that the act of ending a hypothetical baby’s life should be judged the same regardless of means/intent, there should be no manslaughter, negligent homicide, vehicular homicide, or other degrees of crime, only murder. Not everything is painted in black and white. Our judicial system recognizes varying degrees of crime (or lack thereof) based on the means and intent of the action. The means and intent of having an abortion (within a specific time frame among other legal requirements) has been determined to be a legal course of action whereas other means and intents of killing an unborn child have been deemed to be criminal acts.

        Comparing before birth and after birth is just as invalid. It’s like comparing you destroying your own property and destroying the property of someone else. Does it confuse you that one is a crime and not the other? Destroyed is destroyed no matter who did it, right? Next you’ll be saying that we should prosecute people who have heart attacks or cancers for attempted suicide. Their bodies are killing themselves, since the way or reason for it doesn’t matter, they should be punished. I’m sure even you can see the error in this thinking.

      • jack

        you are the devil Reader. you need to not have any kids. you idiot!!

      • tom

        No; it’s homicide which is ILLEGAL; just b/c something is legal doesn’t make it right nor ethical.

      • Ron Reale

        And if she is doing abortions without a license in cars, charge her with impersonating a doctor and for putting her victims in unsanitary conditions and malpractice. If your a doctor doing an abortion, fine. If not, realize many people have been convicted for the deaths of a prggnant womans baby.

      • Reader

        So killing a baby against the mother’s will is “homicide”; but, killing the baby with the mother’s consent is a “legal medical procedure”. Either way, the baby ends up dead. Based on logic, the act of ending the baby’s life, regardless of who ended it, should be judged the same.

        In fact, if a mother kills her baby, or rather, has someone else do it, say, someone who made an oath to protect life, inside her womb and throws the baby’s body in the trash, it is legal. If a mother kills her baby on the day the baby comes outside the womb and throws the baby’s body in the trash, it is illegal. I am confused. I thought dead was dead.


        yes-legal and decided by judges-not the vote of the people!

      • Fugonn

        Killing a baby against the mother’s will is homicide in California. When a pregnant woman is murdered, it is double homicide.

      • zbacku

        Only if done by a DOCTOR, not an enraged psychopath.

      • Pat

        so was slavery

      • Reader

        Pat, exactly my point.

      • Reader

        I said “legal”, not right. Not everything that is legal is right. I find it hypocritical that when one person takes a human’s life in the womb, it is called elective miscarriage; but when another person takes that same life, it is called murder. The life is the same no matter who snuffs it out. Should it not be judged the same?

      • Michael

        Killing someone else’s fetus without her consent is not legal. There are many states where you can be charged, either with murder or a different crime, for killing a fetus that the mother intended to carry to term. This may seem like cognitive dissonance That’s because it is.

      • Ed of Orlando

        No, its abortion if the mother makes the decision to kill the baby. It’s murder if she doesn’t want abortion and you kill the baby.

      • victoria

        it may be legal on earth, in these United States if you’re living like there is
        non God. But God will not be mocked so i’d say be prepared cuz in
        Heaven abortion is MURDER!

      • EW

        A good an example of cognitive dissonance. However some people don’t see it that way, and are able to believe that abortion is not killing, but that killing the unborn is when the mother didn’t intend it ti happen. But how can a thing not be killing in one case but be so in another?

        Only the pro-abortionist mind can hold these two disparate thoughts at once. Reminds me of the 1984 term “Doublethink.”

      • GerF

        Abortion is consentualy.This would be murder

    • Burt

      You republicans have truly lost it

      • Jimmy Folkvar

        everyone in america has lost it, republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, tea party…everyone in america is confused about how to make this country work again…we need to go straight back to 1776.

      • Nobody

        “everyone in america has lost it,”

        I second that — especially the 1776 part. The politicians are just trying to use us against each other. This is why I now refrain from associating with any group or cause. Join a cause, and suddenly weirdos come out of the woodwork and start coming up with all sorts of bizarre stereotypes. My family’s well-being is my only “cause.” Call us what you will – we just want to live free. No political group seems to truly support that right now.

      • jbrown

        Why? Because we actually believe society should protect the most fragile…that someone has to be the voice of the unborn…that we are repulsed at the thought that our nation stands firmly behind the “right” of a mother to violently MURDER her child. That makes us crazy? Why is it not crazy to support such violence against an innocent child? We are truly a fallen nation.

      • Sandy Lester

        Burt you are so funny. 60% abortions in predominately black neighborhoods, your hero Margaret Sanger’s legacy of “killing off undesirables” lives on.
        Undesirables: IE minorities and poor whites
        94% of all abortions are performed on minorities, poor white and children under 16. That must make you happy.

      • JimmyJohn

        I wish Carissa Williams’ mom had had an abortion.

    • Daisy

      She’d probably be given the Noble Peace Prize for killing an unborn child.

    • yakofujimato

      It’s NOT Boston! It’s Pembroke, New Hampshire you Idiot. Why don’t you read the story dummy!

    • Bryan

      Its NH…not Boston.

    • Jared Larson

      It’s New Hampshire and yes, I believe they do.

      I generally don’t engage with road ragers–I don’t have time for the aggravation.

      But some people who clog traffic by aggressively blocking traffic in the overtaking lane are infuriating. If that’s what Prego was doing, then she should be tased a couple more times.

      Of course, she gets the satisfaction of seeing Smiley hauled off to jail and will therefore conclude she was in the right to be blocking the overtaking lane.

      Now, I can’t guarantee that is what was going on, but it’s a pretty good guess since the article speaks of getting off at the same exit.

    • Fubarus Surabuf

      Hey Jeff… brush up on your geography….NEW HAMPSHIRE is a completely different state from the one containing Boston.

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      Jeff is geographically challenged and we should create a tax so we can fund a program so he can be better equipped when he comments.

      ——- http://911essentials.com

    • James Bowen

      Lets line her up and use it on her, 100 zaps should do it.

  • Mitch

    You are an idiot.

    • steve

      Thank you sir. You saved me from having to say it.

  • Anna

    What a nasty response! What’s with the lack of compassion? She was PREGNANT! Helllllloooooooo!!! People need to calm the heck down and be more patient. Geez, get a grip road-ragers.

    • thelittleone

      Ummm…. I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm Pullio was using…I don’t believe anyone is actually that stupid to side with the road rager. So, maybe you should calm down a titch?

  • Jwimmer

    @ Pullio

    The article says NOTHING about going too slow in the FAST LANE. It just said she was going too slow….so how can you make that leap that it occurred in the fast lane? That’s assinine. I hope the Williams is put in jail and she SHOULD be charged with attempted murder of an unborn child as someone else said.

    • Dega

      There is no such thing as a “fast lane”. The speed limit is the same for all lanes. I love being in the left hand lane and driving the speed limit. If you are in a hurry and want to break the law you can go around me. I just chuckle, smile and wave.

      • Mike

        @Dega, Nope the left-hand lane is a passing lane. Keep your vehicle on the right side if you wish to drive more slowly. Take that ‘chuckle’ and shove it up your…

      • Driver

        DEGA; For real entertainment value, I suggest you drive in the left lane at the posted minimum speed. Hopefully a competent trooper with stop you and explain the law in one syllable words followed by a nasty fine and points .

      • otis

        if you are driving in the left hand lane then you are breaking the law even if you are doing the speed limit. ever seen those signs that say slower traffic keep right? it does’t say unless you’re doing the speed limit. if you ride in the left lane you are simply being inconsideratIe of every other driver around you. i’ve noticed a lot of people like you,driving in the left lane and blocking traffic also have an obama bumper sticker.

      • Whitney

        that is completely untrue. Colorado passed a law that allows ticketing for driving slow in the fast lane because they rightfully recognized that you and people like you are a danger to yourselves and to everyone else on the road.

      • Little Johnny Albright

        @Dega There is such a thing as a fast lane. Slower traffic is to stay to the right. This is in almost all states. One of those rare common sense laws. If you enjoy creating a safety hazard that’s your business. Hope it’s a semi-truck that doesn’t see you.

      • Annie McComb

        Someone will wipe the idiotic smile off your malformed face one of these days.

      • REva

        There are three types of people: compliant, non-compliant and a-holes. Compliant people feel compelled to follow the rules and are uncomfortable with those who don’t. They make good bill collectors, bankers and school crossing guards. Non-compliant people don’t travel with the herd and are prone to take risks. They are the innovators. We need both types to make our society work.

        Compliant drivers drive the speed limit and should move to the right for the non-compliant drivers who want to pass. A-holes like Dega are neither compliant or non-compliant and should move to the right, but don’t. Our society could do without them.

      • andrea

        The left lane is for passing period Dega if i want to speed thats my business u r not the police so stop acting like u r and get ur ass over where u r supposed 2 be idiot

      • bubba

        I am an emt, and you are a menace.

      • anne

        if someone around me wants to speed and drive recklessly I get out of their way and lett them get away from me. I don’t want to be involved in an accident they caused or in a violent conflict my immaturity caused.

      • 80Cutlass

        Dega, and any other self righteous left-lane hogs out there (especially those of you cruising in a left lane right now as you read this on your iphone!). You obviously don’t give a rat’s rear about your fellow drivers, so there’s no point in talking about something like courtesy. instead, I’ll ask if you’ve ever found yourself stuck in traffic where there’s no obvious cause – such as an accident, high volume, construction, a big curve, etc? Ever wonder why that happens? How can it be? Well, next time pay close attention. When a curve or a hill allows you to see ahead, or once the traffic finally breaks you’ll see – without fail – someone in left lane with a row of cars behind him. Or, you’ll notice cars suddenly speeding up in the left lane meaning that Mr. Magoo has finally moved over.

        If common sense and/or decency don’t persuade you, they have even done studies on this. Even in light to moderate traffic a split-second flash of break lights can trigger something of a butterfly effect that results in a traffic jam. You see, when a car going 55 mph come up behind another car also going 55 mph all it takes is for a) the car in front to slow down slightly or b) the car behind to speed up slightly. If either happens – even for a fraction of a second – the car behind will compensate by slowing down. This starts a chain reaction of tapping break lights and slightly slowing cars. Now, if this happens in the right lanes and the passing lane is open the chain is easily broken as some cars remove themselves by moving left. Of course, if the left lane is blocked there’s no place to go.

        If fact – barring one of the above mentioned legitimate causes of traffic – it is almost impossible for the highway to back up if drivers are attentive and observe proper lane discipline.

        Instead, thanks to some jack-a** Self-Appointed Speed Cop – HUNDREDS of innocent people are late for work, or dinner, or to pick up their kids, or catch a flight, or – God forbid – someone is on their way to a hospital. Not to mention that every blink of a break means a chance that a nervous or inattentive driver with cause an accident.

        Compare all that to the damage caused by someone going a few miles over the speed limit.

      • BMama

        Obviously you have no sense of driving laws. On interstates there are posted minimum and maximum speeds. If you’re not passing anyone you get over to one of the right hand lanes, leaving the left hand lanes for traffic going at the faster end of the speed limit. Drivers with your attitude are dangerous and foolish.

      • Truth

        Hey degas you know what, for special people like you I usually get in front of you and go even slower, then when you finally get tired of it and change lanes I take off with a happy smile and a wave that I made another entitled idiots day.

      • annoyeddriverinWA

        Here in Wa. State it is illegal to be a “left lane camper”. Drivers must stay to the right except to pass, and you can get ticketed for not getting out of the way. There is a campaign on right now to ticket “left lane campers” like you, mainly because they are annoying. (And we have serious budget problems)

      • Bin Snarky

        You are creating a hazard.

      • Red Johnson

        Now YOU, Sir, should be tased.

      • Jared Larson

        It’s a passing lane. In all fifty states, if you impede overtaking traffic in the pasing lane by moving more slowly than in the main travel lane, it is a moving violation.

        Better not let the police catch you pulling that jerkwad stunt.

      • Ted

        impeding the flow of traffic is a violation- signs are posted in most states I have driven in that say “Slower traffic keep to the right”. Also, your supposed to pass on the left in most states. So if you (Dega) are driving in the left lane doing the posted limit, and a truck is in the right lane doing the same posted limit, on a two-lane freeway, how is anyone supposed to pass you? This is straight from NH driving manual” LANE USAGE
        In normal driving conditions, you should drive in the lane that has the
        smoothest flow of traffic. Smooth driving allows you to keep more distance
        between yourself and other drivers. It also helps save you money on gas.
        If there are 3 or more lanes going in one direction, the middle lane
        or lanes are usually the smoothest. The left lane is for drivers who want
        to go faster, pass or turn left. The right lane is used by drivers who go
        slower or who are entering or turning off the road.
        If a road has only two lanes in one direction, the right lane usually has the
        smoothest traffic flow. However, some roads have special left turn lanes at
        intersections. This helps keep traffic moving smoothly in both directions.”
        So, Dega, you are being an A$$ just because you can. Expect a road rager in your very near future!! Happy driving!!

      • NH-driver

        See??? This is why NH residents HATE Mass drivers. You have no concept of actual traffic rules.

        The right lane is the travel lane. The left lane is the passing lane. If you want to go slower than everyone else, even if that means simply going the speed limit, then STAY IN THE RIGHT HAND LANE!!! You are breaking the law, not to mention being downright selfish and rude, to be dogging it in the left hand lane.

        Maybe if the whole of humanity thinks you are a sucky driver, you shouldn’t just smile and wave ignorantly, but you should take heed and get in the proper lane. Mass-hole.

      • Daisy

        Dega, the Left lane is a passing lane. Bin is correct.

      • Cousin Eddie

        I don’t know about the laws in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, but in Ohio we have white signs that say “Slower Traffic Keep Left”. White signs are law, not suggestions. They don’t provide the qualifier “unless you are doing the speed limit”.

      • ritewng

        People drive slowly in the passing lane all the time in Florida. I just calmly pass in the right lane, get in front of the Dega and then slam on my brakes. You should see their eyes. They get as big as pie plates.

        I just chuckle, smile and wave. Funny, the idiots then move into the right lane!

      • ready4sea

        It is actually called the “passing” lane. When divided highways were first built it was common knowledge that the left lane was for passing only. In some places it is still illegal to cruise in the passing lane when people are backed up behind you. And it should be. People who back up the passing lanes are knuckleheads. Dega you are apparently one of those knuckleheads. Shame on you. My stance is that if someone is keen on receiving a physics lession I move over and let them have at it. So should you.

      • nicole swaye

        There is no “fast lane” .. there is, however, a “passing lane”.. which Dega is right.. you are expected to move over and allow faster moving vehicles room to pass you, regardless if you are going the speed limit or not. (actually, if you are going the limit you should not even be in the “passing lane” as this lane is for PASSING slower moving vehicles) If you dont, you are creating a hazard.

    • Hastser

      If someone goes the posted speed limit in any lane, anyone who wants to pass them would have to be going over the speed limit. So all the arguments posted here about “passing lane etiquette” assume that legal drivers must yield to illegal ones. Neither the letter nor the intent of the law says anything of the sort.

      If you’re going over the speed limit you are committing a violation. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the passing lane. Use of the passing lane is legal for traffic going as fast as the speed limit to pass traffic going less than the speed limit. Emergency vehicle are an exception, because everyone is supposed to pull over for those.

      • Rebecca C

        “In all fifty states, if you impede overtaking traffic in the pasing lane by moving more slowly than in the main travel lane, it is a moving violation”

        Actually, that isn’t true. This is true in some states, some don’t have anything addressing this, and some just “suggest” treating the left lane as passing lane.

        Not that I disagree with your premise, that people SHOULD be polite about the passing lane, and use it correctly. It just isn’t the law everywhere.

        Heck, my husband got pulled over a number of years ago in Florida for driving in the left lane on the interstate, even though there were no other cars on the road (except the occasional car getting on the interstate, which was why he was on the left). The cop said he wasn’t allowed to be in the lane except to pass and gave him a warning… I wish we had asked him for the statute number, because we went home and combed through Florida state law and found no such law. In fact, good ol’ Jeb rejected a proposed law about that a few years ago.

      • NH-driver

        And it is the police’s duty to address drivers that are breaking the law. No one gave you a badge. Let the law handle it

    • LiberalDude

      Attempted murder with a stun gun? I hope you are not serious. A stun gun is not considered a lethal weapon. If you pepper spray someone, is that attempted murder? I don’t think so. Besides, an unborn child is not considered a human being (remember Roe vs. Wade?), so it is clearly not attempted murder.

  • Charlie

    Cops should get better training

    • Bob

      Obviously, not from you…!

    • andrew

      wouldnt it be nice if we all got better training. like grammar, spelling, critical thinking… wouldn’t that be nice, Charlie? To make the gibberish in your head understandable to the rest of society…

      • TKings

        Andrew and Bob- Proofread your own posts before you cut someone down on theirs. How about making constructive comments versus negative ones because you have nothing better to do with your time.

        “wouldnt”- should be capitalized as it is the beginning of a sentence, it should also have an apostrophe to make it a contraction.
        “like”- should be capitalized.
        “To make the gibberish in your head understandable to the rest of society…”- this is a fragment, not a sentence.

        You should be constructive gentlemen, not insulting.

      • Burt

        I agree with Andrew, but would add training in punctuation as well.You republicans have truly lost it

  • birdenOtruth

    Pullio you fool. Try to clear you selfish brain of the blinding dope and
    reread the story.It says nothing of the pregnant driver being in any lane,
    let alone the fast lane.

    You are obviously a childless selfish punk.

  • Roze

    Ahh, pathetic little Pullio. We can all see that from your using the terms “prego” and “zappers” that you’ve yet to mature. Nowhere in the story did it say that the pregnant woman was driving in the fast lane. I am so very proud to see that the youth of America care so little about pregnant females, or just females in general. And let us just admit it now, if the victim were a pregnant black woman and the assailant was white, people like Pullio would be defending the black woman. I sincerely hope that your brain sprouts a few new brain cells one day. Also, the animal could have merely passed her! What if that pregnant woman was your Mother or sister? You would probably feel quite differently. T.N.B.

    • Roze

      The message above was directed towards “Pullio”, if no one caught that.

    • oh well

      @ Roze You stupid hillbilly my zapper knows no color it will zap your azz whether its white black green purple brown blue red!

      • Melanie Montero

        Hillbilly is an old term used to describe the people of Appalachian mountains. I am from and live in New Orleans moron.


    Yes We Can Build a http://www.NewNation.org


    • Roze

      Diversity has failed. 82% of public schools are failing…hmm wonder why.
      “People” of this “womans” ilk tend to have no impulse control.


        I don’t think you got the sarcasm there. Nor did you click on the link.


      • Damocles

        Yeah, I got it, but next time show yourself turning off the sarcasm button…makes it easier.

    • Roze

      I got the sarcasm, I was agreeing with you, and yes, I am quite aware of Amren. 14 brother, or sister.

    • PORGY
  • Mike

    It appears Pullio is a total idiot. Dumber than a box of rocks. That is one of the stupidest things I have heard. Even were it true (that she was going a slower speed in a fast lane), it obviously wouldn’t justify that kind of criminal and assaultive behavior—-and I’m a guy who doesn’t like the slow drivers in the fast lane either! However, if I did what Ms. Williams did, then yes. my a$$ should be tossed in jail. And if stupidity were a crime, good ol’ Pullio would be pulling a life sentence right about now.

  • HJohnson46


  • Roze


    • white rain

      “Purple Rain”???? Interesting choice for a pseudonymn for a person who is lecturing about race.

    • purple rain

      what’s this article gotta do with race? why are you white people ALWAYS making it about race, no matter what the story is about? you’re seen as a potential victim? who’s seeing that, you? you’re just assuming that or what? you been victimized before down there? why the hell would you go back then? idiot.

      • attila_the_huney

        So are you a black idiot or a white idiot?

  • BX11

    Pregnant ladies should follow he road rules of decency and pull over when safe to do so. That said i wish she had a loaded revolver at the time.

    • Roze

      You wish who had the revolver?

      • monde

        oh yea that comment is for you @roze

      • monde

        hey moron the lady who stunned the pregnant lady is not black clearly you can see shes Hispanic. And who to tell the pregnant lady is white how would you know that? Typical ignorant comment from you kind. You mom must be proud of you.

      • Trish

        The pregnant lady should have the revolver is what I think BX11 meant. Self defense is not a crime especially when protecting your unborn child.



    • Roze

      How about a .38 snubnose with hollow point tips? That would be even better.

      • ritewng

        I have a concealed carry permit in Florida for idiots like Ms. Taser. I would love to see her enter my vehicle. She would have a hole blown through her spine with my Judge with shotgun shells loaded. I could also use a .45 round but I like the idea of knocking an attacker about 4 feet away from my vehicle to avoid the blood spatter on the side. I am too busy to wash my car.

    • Mike

      Oh NO, FRANK that is so RACIST.
      But so so true.
      These creatures feel they can do anything to anyone and that White People are deathly afraid to confront them.

      • Melanie Montero

        I would have loved to had been that pregnant woman, this savage wouldn’t had even made it to prison.

    • Jared Larson

      My wife’s carry weapon is a 9mm. I prefer .40 S&W.

      This chick comes up and assaults my wife while I’m in the passenger seat, she gets a mouthful of .40 slugs after 2 to center mass.

  • BX11

    Uh huh – that’s what YOU see, angry white person.

    • Roze

      Whites have every damn RIGHT to be angry! Look up the stats of black-on-white crime, darling BX11, whatever that means. I am white, I walk into the lower 9th ward in New orleans, I am seen as a potential victim immediately by the thugs hanging out on the street corner. I black woman walks into a nice white suburb at 3:00 in the morning and 9 times out of ten, NOTHING will happen to her! I take it you do not live in reality.

    • oh well

      @ Roze so why would you go to the 9th ward ? Looking for crack perhaps! Who in there right mind would go there!

    • fred

      The blacks still think they are in AFRICA.

    • Snoop Diggity

      Your my boy Blue!

  • Yaspar

    In a big hurry to get to that next red light, loser?

    • oh well

      @ Yaspar Nope in a hurry to get to your mom then your wife!! Winning !!! But i might be Losing if the beyatches look like a yetti!!

  • steve

    This stupid woman deserves a little down time. A year picking up trash along the highway in an orange jump suit should be about right.

    • Roze

      She deserves to get stunned 20 times and serve 1 year in prison. Or she could just be hung and we’d have one less A-hole living amongst us.

      • TKings

        Wow, you people are bizarre…have you read this whole thread? If you’ve ever actually been hit by a stun gun you would know that it is not life threatening unless an artificial vital organ is involved. The baby will be fine. As for the 22 year-old who did this, you’re right- she’s nuts, but she certainly does not deserve to be hung. Instead she should go through therapy and anger management to learn how to control herself in stressful situations. Another thing to discuss, this is not a white/black issue and its about time people started to understand that behavior like this starts at home. If you are better parents and better educators, things like this would not occur. I myself am an elementary school teacher and I am constantly battling the racist shallow comments I hear students say because I know they hear it at home. Educate yourselves and learn to control your own anger.

      • Snoop Diggity

        TKings – what up my homie!….preach… you my boy Blue!

      • Jared Larson

        Tkings, in the moment you are being assaulted you don’t know what your attacker is preparing to do next. If I’m in the passenger seat when this thug comes up and assaults my wife, said thug will get a faceful of .40 S&W.

        End of story.

        This is not about ‘controlling one’s anger.’ It’s about self-preservation in the face of an unknown assailant.

      • TKings

        @ Jared-

        The pregnant woman wasn’t using the stun-gun for defense, the 22 year-old who attacked her used it. The 22 year-old woman was the one I said needed to control herself in stressful situations. You are arguing is that the pregnant woman shocked her attacker, which is incorrect according to the article.

      • ritewng

        TKings, it is you that is bizzare. Anger management, therapy? Who would pay for this, you? I think not since you must certainly be one of those underpaid teachers who teach “for the love of the children.” Americans are over trying to “understand” what makes the criminal tick. This is why the thread reads the way it reads. I’m willing to bet that you have never been “actually been hit with a stun gun”. Please refrain from speaking on subjects you “actually” know nothing about!

  • Mike

    Pullio is a homey porch monkey like his homegirl Carissa

    • Roze

      I’m sure he is. Only his “element” uses the non-word “azz”.

      • TKings

        You people are idiots, genetically you are 99.9% exactly the same as every other human being on this planet. We are also all animals, are you surprised and shocked by that too? It seems to me that you would rather continue ignorant lives because your parents taught you to think like that, just like their parents taught them to be scared of other races as well. Its time you break the cycle of racism you have been caught in, as it only regresses us as a nation. I’m not just talking about white-on-black or black-on-white racism, as it is obvious your hate is deep ceded.

        Educate yourselves- the world is a changing and progressive place…you will just get left behind.

      • Bin Snarky

        “99.9% exactly the same”
        So the 0.01% difference must be the part where they didn’t taze a pregnant woman.

      • Jared Larson

        I’m with Bin Snarky–

        Must be that .001 percent that makes the crime rate in white neighborhoods a vanishing fraction of the crime in black neighborhoods.

      • TKings

        Bin Snarky-

        I didn’t say it was right- I said she didn’t deserve to be hung. By your rationale, you’ve never done anything wrong in your life or else you would be hung for your skin color as well. (which is one of the characteristics of the 0.01%) I do believe in second chances and if you are truly innocent, then by all means- cast your stone.

      • ritewng

        TKings resorts to calling people with differing opinions “idiots”. Nice teacher, obviously another liberal.

  • MOBE

    Wow, am I the only one who recognized that Pullio’s comment was a joke?
    You pucker-butts may not have found it funny but seriously loosen the bone Wilma!

  • Jay

    Thank you! Anyone that is in the fast lane and won’t move over should get tased regardless if they are pregnant or not. Driving slow in the fast lane is just rude and inconsiderate. Hopefully this woman and her baby learn a lesson.

    • Melanie Montero

      Can you not read? Where in the HELL does it say she was driving in the fast lane?

  • Patriot

    ANOTHER out-of-control Negro! Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Melanie Montero

      T.N.B. – Typical Negro behavior.

      • Melanie Montero

        I’m Roze by the way.

  • oh well

    @Roze So you are a Stormfront Nazi or better yet a puzzi!!

    • Melanie Montero

      I can tell from your name that you could care less about anything at all. White Nationalism is not Nazism.

  • drake

    Gee, imagine that. Another black person involved in a violent crime.

    • purple rain

      there was an attempted assassination attempt on a senator in utah a couple months ago. A CHILD WAS MURDERED by a WHITE man. Gee, imagine that…

      • Roze

        Look up the stats, I don’t have to defend the white race. And Tkings, I’d rather be “left behind” than to blindly follow.

  • Brad Vaske

    90% of the time you see a crazy story about a criminal the perpetrator is a negro. Negros make up only 13% of the population yet they infest our prison systems. Just saw a negro lady the other day assualt a burger king employee because her order was wrong.

    • Melanie Montero

      Just like the negro who destroyed a convenience store because she got into a 1 minute argument with the cashier. Or the countless other negroes who destory things for absolutely no reason at all.

    • Steve

      How come all of the Negros on welfare are fat as f@ck. and they smelll like sewers.

      • Brad Vaske

        Because Democrats don’t wan’t them to be skinny so the taxpayers have to fork out for their McDonalds and KFC.

    • ritewng

      It’s Bushes fault!

  • Pauly

    I’m with Pullio.

    Self-righteous “keepers of the speed” are a constant source of aggravation all over the country. The sad part is that they enjoy causing others grief and aggravation. The really sad part is that so many people will defend them while maligning the tailgaters who also cause grief and aggravation. Hypocrites.

    Personally, I say good for the tazer. If more aggravating drivers were exposed to some consequences for their actions, they might actually be less self-righteous and more considerate on the road. But, then again, probably not. After all, if everyone would just leave early like them then we could all drive 15 MPH under the speed limit.

    • Melanie Montero

      Maybe she was being considerate of the CHILD inside of her! You don’t assault people just because they aren’t going the speed that you would like them to.

      • 80Cutlass

        So now if you’re pregnant you have to drive below the speed limit to protect your baby? That’s a new one.

    • Pauly

      Maybe… But I think it’s more likely she was a self-righteous “keeper of the speed” even before she became pregnant.

      • Melanie Montero

        Or maybe she didn’t want to get a TICKET. Blame the victim, how mature…

    • Beauxdog

      You are obviously the overly aggressive tailgater type who assumes someone going the speed limit but slower than you is a self-righteous “keeper of the speed”. I am sorry… but if I am going at least the speed limit AND I am passing slower traffic… I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE IN THE FAST LANE WITHOUT AN IDIOT LIKE YOU ON MY BUMPER.

      Personally, I don’t give a damn how fast you want to go. I do give a damn about you endangering my life and property by riding my bumper. It is very dangerous to drive 70+ mph with an idiot on your bumper and I will start slowing down. I will also not change lanes when clear of slower traffic because you idiots are unpredictable… I just let you decide when you want to go around.

      Funny… if you had been courteous and given me a safe buffer, I would have done everything to get out of your way as quickly as possible.

      And to the guy that said “just get out of their way”… that is rewarding these morons for their aggressive behavior and it will only lead to more aggressive behavior.

      • Pauly

        Heh… thanks for proving my point.

        Purposely aggravating – check. Self-righteous – check. “Keeper of the speed” – check.

      • Bin Snarky

        “a safe buffer” … as defined by? What if other drivers are trying to cut in and tailgait you even closer? Slowing down and not getting over is an act of aggression and only escalates the situation unnecessarily.

        Roads are for moving things from one place to another. If you’re not interested in that, use a parking lot for your parade of arrogance.

      • Jared Larson

        Slowing down and not clearing the passing lane is a textbook example of aggressive driving. It is illegal in most states. Better not let the cops catch you.

      • NH-driver

        How do you know there isn’t a good purpose for someone needing to get past you on the highway? Is the world only what you percieve it to be? Yeah, it might just be a jerk with a need to overcompensate for other shortcomings with a big engine and lead foot, but there could also be a legitimate emergency that someone is trying to get to. And your selfish driving habits do nothing but exacerbate an already stressful situation.

        Why not stop playing hall monitor, put your self righteousness back in your pocket, get out of the way and let the law take care of whoever is going faster than you? If you really think they are a menace, call 911. No one appointed you to be the guardian of the speed limit on the highway.

  • Mark Johnson

    A good lesson; if you sense the person driving behind you is getting angry, why not pull over and let them pass? Otherwise you have to deal with them back there the whole time. Another good lesson… lock your doors!

    • Melanie Montero

      This was a HIGHWAY, I am assuming this highway had at least 2-4 lanes. The negro could have passed her.

      • Fayrix

        Just like the same progressive troll is behind all of the Pauly and TKings posts.

        Your mind is so open that it is incapable of holding any significant information for any length of time. Progressivism has failed, as have diversity and multiculturalism. The more progressive the world gets, the more of a mediocrity-celebrating cesspool it becomes.

        Fortunately, your ideal world is doomed to failure and will implode upon itself under the weight of it’s own oppressive nature.

      • Pauly

        “The negro could have passed her.” Wow. Now who is the immature one? Not to mention blatantly racist. I would just call you a troll, but I have the feeling that it really is your true personality.

      • TKings

        I agree with you Pauly, she also has nothing better to do than comment on this site, she is using 2 pseudonyms on this chat: Melanie Montero and Roze…so she must be a very angry, bored, lazy, racist who is wasting our precious freshwater and oxygen.

      • Pauly

        @TKings – After reading all the messages on the board, I’m pretty sure she has more than just two alts. It looks as though she’s (he’s?) responsible for almost 50% of the posts under a slew of different names. In some cases, just agreeing with something she’s posted under a different name. A little pathetic.

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