By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – Can’t get out of bed after that big frat party last night? Now, if students miss a class, they can just buy the notes from the lecture on the Internet.

Saif Altimimi and Ali-Reza Asarizadeh are college students from Canada who were in Boston this week pushing the new website called

“You have peers in your class who can teach content really really well, so the question is, how do you…connect those peers to other people who need their help? That’s what we created, an academic tool where students are sharing.”

WBZ-TV‘s Christina Hager reports.

But critics say NoteWagon is more like a crutch for slacker college kids. “I don’t have a problem with students sharing,” says Boston University Professor Tobe Berkovitz. “I do object to students making money on this sort of thing.”

“It takes away from the learning experience,” says Emerson Professor David Gerzof, who teaches classes in social media. “There’s something about you yourself writing down what the professor is talking about and what the class is discussing, that helps you internalize and memorize.”

NoteWagon’s creators say there’s value in collaborative learning. They’re also appealing to money-strapped students with the opportunity to earn cash selling notes. “One student made $498.00 last year in only a month-and-a-half,” says Altimimi.

Thousands of Canadian college students are already registered with NoteWagon, and now its creators are opening it up to the U.S. It’s currently available at Boston University, Northeastern University, and Tufts. Its creators say they plan to bring it to M.I.T., Harvard, and U. Mass next.

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  1. emom says:

    I see , so the way to gain knowledge, skirt thru life and simply fake learning is BUY SOMEONES ELSES NOTES…. what do you learn , How to take short cuts and not learn responsibility,, Its like cheating of the student next to you in HIgh School , that was wrong so why isnt this wrong.. its the same thing. If you are working you cant do this, You need to know what the heck you are doing. Yeah and we say this state is WICKED SMAHT…… I think we now know the truth,,, CHEATERS .

    1. Current Student says:

      it is not like that at all, it still takes an intelligent individual to understand and fully absorb a concept. Just because someone doesn’t go to class and gets notes does not make them a cheater, they COULD just go and read a textbook, which is an expanded version of your notes. Besides, do they mark you on well you take notes? It’s all about how well you preform in a test situation.

  2. Cynic says:

    If I remember correctly;60 years ago when we needed a book report we would pull out the Readers Digest… Do they still do book reports? That was cheating somewhat but at least you had to be able to read the Readers Digest….Something few Students today can do.

  3. Former Student and User says:

    This is nothing new. UMass @ Amherst ran a note taking service back in the mid-70’s. Cost was $0.25 per class or $2.00 for the semester. Someone would record the class/lecture and take it back to have it transcribed. The printed notes were available by the end of the day at the Student Union.

  4. Victoria Key says:

    is that like having a dvd or tape of the lecture. you know just like you can get the dvd of a sermon, or a tv series. “Technology, friend or foe?” and people wonder why this country is in the economic mess it is. insstead of studying, folks were taking notes. hmmmmmm.

    1. Cynic says:

      Actually I wouldn’t consider a DVD of the lecture Cheating.
      If you aren’t getting the point you can replay it and replay it until you do.
      Often what I think I heard isn’t actually what I did hear. A DVD would be really helpfull.
      It would take me longer because I have to overcome the defects in my learning process.,But in the end I would have the same knowledge as those that got it the first time
      Would’n’t this be the same as saying ” Excuse me Professor,I didn’t quite get what you were saying. Could you repeat it?”

  5. Cynic says:

    A few years from now you will go on-line order a course,Text it to BC or BU Or NU. They will Text your Degree to you and you will be “Educated”.

  6. Supporter says:

    Exact copies of teacher lectures are illegal without consent, and most professors don’t want their course or the way they teach to be subject to open criticism.

    What about the students with Family emergencies? Disorders? Students who CANT listen to a lecture and write at the same time? Students who admit they themselves just take ugly notes? You want to deny them a resource they legitimately need because a few students would have skipped class anyway?

  7. emom says:

    WHY THE HECK BOTHER GOING TO COLLEGE, WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE.. If all they do is CHEAT, get the notes, a dvd, or other cheating way to learn,, what possible purpose is that,,, what can you learn ,,, OH WAIT,, THATS THE PROBLEM ALL YOU HELICOPTER GULLIBLE PARENTS BELEIVE AN EDUCATION IS STILL WORTH IT.. Oh sorry I guess the JIG IS UP…. HAHAHAHAHAHA a laughable moment. yeah lets see, what can our kids do since they recieved an education,,, hhhhmm lets see,,
    starting with hisgh schoolers, can most do the following: Cook, balance a checkbook, understand a simply problem, count money, (with out a calculator) use an ordinary phone, communicate by letter, have a vocal conversation,(with actual words), manage a household, YEAH THEY NEED TO LEARN. negotiate , save money, Shop and still save, PAY ATTENTION to their surroundings, NOT, Think outside the box, SURVIVE IN A DISASTER, ( not for all) But basics, change a tire, pump your own gas , wash your laundry, cook the old faashion way via a stove, ( not microwave or takeout)Know their limits, NEVER, fix a hole in clothes, fix minor repairs at home or apartment, hammer a nail, roll on some paint, manage thier money, watch what they spend and save for a vacation, Host a party, and not need the help of hired help for simply task…. try doing some of it yourself,, OH I FORGOT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ENTITLED KIDS … HIGH SCHOOLERS CANT DO MOST OF THIS AND NEVER MIND COLLEGE KIDS, OH WELL, I SEE THE FUTURE OF HELPLESS ADULTS AMONGST US,, There will only be a few that will be able to survive, I know I have and so will my kid,, but kepp up the great work get that education and carry on ,, so foolish some will be.

  8. RM says:

    Lol at all these ‘cheater’ comments. How is reading someone else’s notes cheating? The point is to learn the material. Typically for me listening to lectures would be a huge waste of time because I learn far better from books. How is getting notes from another source and then learning the material through textbooks and my friends cheating?

  9. emom says:

    OK well lets see, the notes that a student may get well may be missing critical info, the note quality can be insufficiant, lacking much, oh and they could have incorrect informationa as well. Also its a form of cheating since high school , cause if you didnt go to class, you really cheated your way thru school and didnt learn the whole lesson,, IS THAT WHAT WE HAVE ,, kids today want the EASY WAY OUT, skirt thri life and pretend they KNOW IT ALL.. well if thats what they want they only hurt them selves, BUT HEY GOOD LUCK… and lets see, why bother going to college if you only want to gain the notes of someone else and then take a test and say I PASSED COLLEGE< never stepping in a class to actually learn what was taught, so again explain the need to go to a college and sit and listen to a professor learn some material and gain the knowledge at hand. OH I see its the hype,, to say I attend a college but actually never did a class of work on my own but relied on others work to gain a degree, TO ME THATS CHEATING CAUSE YOU TRUELY DIDNT DO THE WORK YOURSELF,, hows that learning anything…… HEY BUT CARRY ON

  10. RM says:

    All I can say is college is about working smarter, not harder. It’s kind of hard to get top grades without learning anything and I always managed to with this method.

  11. emom says:

    OH,,, I see,,, so its we skirt thru life on the coat tails of someoneelse that has worked extremely hard to gain the knowledge to earn the job, while someone else just pretends they learned it on their own,., oh so thats how most do it ,, PRETEND,,,, and use others to gain what ,,, certainly not respect, so hard work is not a good work ethic, only easy is.. isnt that the same as cheating your way thru life taking the easy way out of things and using the notes of someone that truely worked hard for that grade, oh I see the fair for cheaters… Take the easy road and play pretend in life, good luck with that.

  12. kkgurl says:

    EMOM regardless of your personal opinion on whether we should let people skate by in life that fact is studying someone else’s notes is not “CHEATING.” It may disgust you, anger you, frustrate you, and may be unethical in your eyes but not the definition of cheating. If seeing someone’s notes was cheating then reading a textbook that someone else wrote would be considered cheating as well. Plus it’s not like by owning the notes they passed, the person who bought them still had to STUDY!!!!!! Sorry but I think you are alone on this one.

  13. fat loss says:

    Curiously, a well executed piece!

  14. Jessica says:

    My buddy Andrew ran a note taking service while he was a full time student at Umass Amherst. He paid students to take notes for semester then sold them before finals for a pretty penny. It was huge.

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