Gifting Assets To Your FamilyWhen you mention gifting what usually comes to mind is a birthday or Christmas. What I’d like to talk about today is gifting assets to another generation.
Other Ways to Pay for CollegeIf your kid is in her senior year of high school and there is nothing set aside for her college education it’s too late to do much more than stick whatever extra cash you can in a savings account.
Using U.S. Savings Bonds To Pay For CollegeBoth I Bonds and EE Bonds purchased after 1990 can be used for the Education Bond Program.
ESAs: Coverdell Education Savings AccountsAn ESA is another savings program for educational expenses.
The 529 PlanCollege is a good investment. A college degree could be worth well over $1 million dollars to your kiddo.
Who Should Pay For College?The cost for college is staggering and according to Fidelity it's doubling every nine years.
Rental Scams Target College Students Moving To BostonWith college students arriving back in the Boston area en masse, the scams are multiplying.
5 Tips On How To Beat SenioritisNearly every student entering his or her last year in school will face senioritis. Here are a few tips and tricks to help keep yourself motivated and on track.
Podcast Hosts Discuss Recent Controversies Surrounding Hazing, Greek Life On CampusThis week's standout podcasts include an episode of the Security Brief that examines the issue of college hazing and an installment of the Wavemaker Conversations that takes a lot hazing within the Greek system.
Financial Planning By The Decades: When You Are 40Your forties is the decade when everything is on the line, from houses and cars to insurance, retirement, college funding, and the impending mid-life crisis.
Tax Tips: What All New College Grads Need To KnowWelcome, students, to taxes for recent graduates 101.
Northeastern Advances To CAA Finals With Win Over UNC WilmingtonThe Huskies will play in the CAA Championship Game for the second time in three years.
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