BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Mayor Tom Menino was released from the hospital on Monday afternoon, after his second hospitalization in as many weeks.

He was re-admitted to Brigham and Women’s Hospital on Thursday after having a bad reaction to pain medicine he was taking for a bacterial infection in his elbow. That infection hospitalized him over Thanksgiving.

“I’ve never been so happy in my life to see the media,” the mayor said chuckling, upon arrival to his Hyde Park home. “I’m back in action and ready to work.”

“It’s total frustration for me, ‘cause I’m not a guy who likes to sit in the hospital,” Menino said. “I love to be with people. I love just working on the issues of the city.”

Web Extra: Mayor Menino Returns Home

In fact, the mayor made an appearance of sorts at a city event over the weekend.

“When they lit the tree at Brigham Circle on Saturday, I was up in my room looking out and I waved. Nobody could see me,” he laughed.

The mayor said he stayed in touch with staff during his hospital stay, and expects to be back at City Hall soon. For the next couple of days he will be working from home.

While he was hospitalized this time, it meant he wasn’t at city hall when the City Council voted to expel Councilor Chuck Turner. “It was unfortunate,” said the Mayor, “but the Council had to do it.”

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields talks with Mayor Menino as he returns home.

Menino said his elbow has healed well, and he had stitches removed Monday morning.

He told the media he has a newfound admiration for nurses. “Nurses are very special, they’re there when you need them in the middle of the night, or the day,” he said.  “The work they do is the fabric of the hospital.”

Walking into his home Monday, one reporter mentioned that the holiday decorations looked impressive, and were done while he was hospitalized. “Thank you Angela!” said Menino, referring to his wife.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields contributed to this report.


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