No one particularly enjoys waiting for a flight to depart. Airport delays are all too common these days, with long wait times often turning even the most patient of airline passengers into would-be children, throwing a tantrum at the nearest TSA employee. Luckily, airports have come a long way since the Pan American 1970s, redefining the phrase “flying the friendly skies” via gourmet restaurants and high-class bars lying smack dab in between baggage claim and terminal. Here are some of the area’s must-visit airport bars, places that make waiting at the airport just a bit more bearable.

(Photo Credit: Providence Oyster Bar/Facebook)

Providence Oyster Bar
TF Green International Airport
2000 Post Road
Warwick, RI 02886
(401) 732-5140

Whether you’re waiting at Warwick, Rhode Island’s T.F. Green Airport for a flight to depart, or simply arriving early for a little rest, relaxation and exploration before taking to the air, the Providence Oyster Bar makes its visitors feel right at at home with comfortable surroundings and a laid-back atmosphere. The Providence Oyster bar located within the walls of T.F. Green is a scaled-down version of the restaurant’s main Federal Hill location, offering up similar seafood fare for hungry air travel passengers. Fish, chips, chowder and beer are the order of the day here, suffering from the typical airport price gouging, yet serving as a superior option for the discerning traveler to typical chain grub.

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(credit: Legal Sea Foods)

Legal C Bar
Logan International Airport
1 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128
(857) 241-2000

Boston’s famed Logan Airport has plenty of hotels and places to stay, located within walking distance. That being said, it says something about the Legal C Bar when it can go recommended even for those who aren’t pacing back and forth and waiting for their flight to arrive or depart. The Legal C bar is located in Terminal C, before Logan’s security checkpoint, with a varied and balanced menu that is actually fairly affordable, at least when it comes to airport pricing. Burgers, beer, appetizers and seafood served up in a comfortable atmosphere make the Legal C bar the right rest stop before taking off from Logan Airport.

(Credit: Boston Beer Works/Facebook)

Boston Beer Works
Boston Logan International Airport
Terminal C
1 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128
(617) 569-2277

Also located within the confines of Terminal C, this airport version of the city’s semi-legendary tourist spot Boston Beer Works is simple yet very, very effective. Take a menu of burgers and beer, mix it up with a family friendly menu of chicken fingers and fries, and no worries about being overrun by the Red Sox/Fenway crowd. Here, you have a laid-back destination where travelers may relax and fill their bellies with comfort food and drinks before flying the friendly skies.

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(credit: Hyatt Harborside via Facebook)

Hyatt Harborside
101 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128
(617) 568-1234

There’s no better treat to enjoy while drinking an ice-cold beer than the Boston harbor skyline at sunset. The Hyatt Harborside a short shuttle hop from the terminals at Boston’s Logan Airport provides this and much more, delivering luxury hotel amenities — clean rooms, friendly service, not to mention the ace hotel bar — at a price tag which is worth every penny. The Hyatt Harborside is a great place to sit, stay or stop for thirsty tourists and travelers.

Fox Sports Sky Box Bar and Grill
Terminal B
Logan Airport
Boston, MA 02228
(617) 634-6097 

While there really isn’t anything particularly striking or out of the ordinary at the Fox Sky Box Bar and Grill, it gets the job done for those who want to know what to expect. Burgers and a short beer menu is the name of the game here, with Boston seafood (fish and chips, chowder) also available for the hungry traveler. Guests who are pressed for time should beware, however, for the Fox Sports Sky Box Bar and Grill is known for being a bit lax with its speed and service.

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