BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick’s apology to the New England media on Monday morning was certainly a unique occurrence in the head coach’s history with the Patriots. It left everyone a little bit puzzled. While no current Patriots would dare speculate about why the coach opted to go that route on Monday, a former Patriot who’s become a full-fledged media member this year wasn’t afraid to give his best guess.

Julian Edelman was a guest on the Pardon My Take podcast this week, and he was obviously asked about the Belichick apology.

“You know what? I guess … ” Edelman said, searching for an answer. “You know, my dad told me people soften up a little bit when you get older. You get a little more wisdom, and you start being a nicer guy. Maybe that’s happening. He’s what, what is he 70 now? Or 69?”

The hosts pressed Edelman for saying that Belichick has gone soft, and Edelman pushed back.

“I’m not saying he’s getting soft! I’m not saying he’s getting soft,” Edelman said, likely fearing a text message from his former boss.

Julian Edelman and Bill Belichick in 2015(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Outside of the media apology, Edelman spoke to what a loss like the one the Patriots suffered last weekend in Indianapolis can do to a team like the Patriots.

“You get a couple of weeks, you get a little bad taste in your system,” Edelman said. “And then it’s like, now it’s playoffs. Now you start simulating playoffs. Each week’s a playoff game. You need to have that. You need to feel a little tension, you need to feel a little uncomfortable. And the best teams I was on, they were comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Despite that loss, the Patriots are still 9-5, and they still have a chance to secure the AFC’s top seed. Unsurprisingly, Edelman listed them among the true contenders this year.

“I think the Patriots are contending,” Edelman said. “They’re a teeterer, just because their defense is so good and I know how they coach, how they prepare. And I hated last game, but it was due to happen, to have doy-doy plays by a rookie. Like, that’s destined to happen. And it’s almost at a point where like, ‘All right, we still have time to learn from that.’ So I believe that they’ll get that fixed potentially, and if they want to play the game they want to play, how they want to play it, I think they’ll be very — they’ll be able to contend.”

Edelman also couldn’t get through the interview without of course being asked if he has any plans to join up with Tom Brady down in Tampa Bay, now that Chris Godwin suffered a season-ending surgery. On that topic, Edelman is sticking to his “Foxboro Forever” slogan.

“I haven’t gotten a call. No text, either,” Edelman said.

When asked if he would say yes if he did get a call or text, Edelman said no — for the most part.

“Nah, probably not,” Edelman said. Staff