By Rachel Holt

TAUNTON (CBS) — It’s the hottest ticket in town: Patriots-Buccaneers at Gillette Stadium on Sunday as Tom Brady returns to face his former team.

And now two Taunton Police officers will get to enjoy the game in person.

“I’m not going to boo him, no. He brought, what, six Super Bowls to New England,” said Officer Michael Hughes.

“No comment,” added Officer Michael Flynn with a laugh.

“It’s crazy. It’s one thing that we’re able to go to a game. To think that we’re actually going to the game that Tom Brady’s coming back to New England is astounding. It’s insane,” said Hughes.

On Friday morning, Dunkin’ surprised Michael Flynn and Michael Hughes with two tickets each, rewarding them for a recent act of kindness on the job.

Officers Michael Flynn and Michael Hughes were surprised with two tickets to the Patriots big matchup against Tom Brady and the Bucs on Sunday. (WBZ-TV)

“We were just out there doing something nice for a boy and it turned out going bigger than we ever thought it would,” said Hughes.

The officers used their own money to purchase a bicycle and bike locks for a six-year-old boy, after responding to a report that the child’s bike had been stolen.

“We were able to set it up and get there and he’s actually getting ready to go to football so we were able to drop it off to him and get to see him ride it,” said Hughes.

“He was ecstatic. He was just so happy. That’s why we did it. That’s why we did it,” said Flynn.

Both officers are originally from Massachusetts and say they are lifelong Pats fans, making the surprise that much more special.

Rachel Holt