By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Among the many things that Cam Newton enjoyed last year in New England was his meticulous attention paid toward choosing an outfit for game day. Even though he’s no longer with the Patriots, the weekly tradition has resumed.

Newton posted to Instagram on Sunday morning, sharing a series of photos and a video of him getting dressed in a rather snazzy suit, complete with bow tie and custom hat.

“I mean, this goes without saying, but this would’ve been my game day outfit. But … you know the story,” Newton said with a shrug and a smile. “But, one thing’s for sure, two thing’s for certain: I’m blessed. Always gonna be blessed. And I’m fresh. Always gonna be fresh. And as I always say, one finger, one pinkie, one thumb, one love.”

Newton’s captain read, “No team, no problem, but you still going to get this gleaming drip.”

That post came a day after Newton shared a workout photo on Saturday, which he captioned with, “Up close and personal. Turn pain into power.”

Newton’s always dressed to impress on game days, but it was new to New England last year. He explained why he took such care in choosing those memorable outfits last October.

“I think you know for me — or us, and I us, I mean football players — we always are bottled into this kind of stereotype that we’re masked athletes and a lot of people do not understand the person underneath the helmet, so so to speak,” Newton explained. “And I’m really into fashion and any time I have opportunity to see magazines, news clippings or articles about fashion, I’m all for it. So when I have my opportunity for people to see me, I just want them to be able to see my expression and to have me express myself in a way that does not require me to open my mouth.” Staff