By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton is very excited for his Funky Friday video.

The former Patriots quarterback posted a teaser video on Wednesday, saying he has “a lot of things” he needs to get off his chest. On Thursday, through his production company, Newton released another short video from the longer video that is set to go live on Friday.

In it, Newton’s message is simple: He still believes he belongs in the NFL as a starting quarterback.

“Listen, I’ma remove all doubt. I’ma remove all doubt. I said it once and I’ll say it again: It’s not 32 guys out there that’s better than me, bro,” Newton said. “Let’s be honest.”

Newton surely has said that before this offseason. In February, he said on the “I Am Athlete” podcast that despite last year’s results with the Patriots, he firmly believes in himself as an NFL starter.

“Hell no! I can’t go out like that. I hear all of that talk,” Newton said in February. “My pride won’t allow me to do it. There aren’t 32 guys better than me.”

There’s been basically no buzz on any team being interested in signing Newton since he was released by the Patriots on Aug. 31. With the NFL season kicking off on Thursday night, Newton will be entering the season without a team for the first time of his career. Staff