By Tiffany Chan

BOSTON (CBS) – With the warm weather, people are headed outside and trying to keep cool, making beaches a popular place. But some beaches in the area are issuing warnings to visitors before they head into the water.

The heat had people flocking to M Street Beach in South Boston on Saturday.

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It’s some relief from the summer sun as beachgoers can be seen going about knee-deep into the water.

“We kind of just been go up to our waist, so it hasn’t really been an issue here, but I’m not sure for the people on the boats out there,” one beachgoer said.

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At Salisbury Beach, three people had to be rescued from strong rip currents on Friday, proving that even calm waters can be unpredictable.

Bourne Deputy Fire Chief Richard Emberg is urging swimmers and boaters alike to be aware of their surrounding this summer, stressing that even experienced swimmers can run into trouble.

“Just know the area. Sometimes rip currents come in, there’s a strong current,” said Emberg. “Sometimes the beaches drop off, so you’re walking out, and then you’re in knee deep and the next thing you’re over your head. When the wind could pick up, the fog bank can roll in. You know, we’re in New England, fog comes in seems like every other day around here.”

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And for boaters and even kayakers, Emberg said life jackets could be life-saving. And to make sure they fit.

Tiffany Chan