BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady believes in nutrition, pliability, resistance bands, and the power of positive thinking. He does not believe in the Madden Curse.

Brady made that very clear when he graced the cover of the Madden video game in 2017, and he’s once again tackling the superstition head-on with a video shared on his Twitter account.

Brady posted the video on the same day that EA Sports revealed that Brady was sharing the cover of this year’s video game with Patrick Mahomes. In the video, Brady sits down with a representative who reminds him that the “Madden Curse Agreement” involves him wearing a protective suit. Hilarity, as you can imagine, ensues.

Watch it here:

The Madden Curse used to really exist in fans’ minds, after bad luck seemed to follow the player who landed on the cover each year. Those coincidental results, though, have not continued in more recent years, thus leading to the term fading away a bit over time.

The video offered a chance for Brady to dust off his comedic acting skills, as well as another opportunity to display his disregard for superstitious curses.

He did the same in 2017, when he landed on the cover of “Madden 18.” He went so far as to smash a mirror and walk under a ladder to prove his resolute belief that curses aren’t real:

He also busted out the bubble costume, which made its return for this year’s video:

Brady proved in that 2017 season that the curse isn’t real — mostly. He became the oldest NFL MVP ever at age 40, and he played in all 19 of the Patriots’ games. He did however, lose the Super Bowl to the Eagles, just a couple of weeks after having his hand ripped apart in a freak accident at Patriots practice.

He won the Super Bowl the next year, though, and he won it again last year at age 43, in his first season with the Buccaneers.

At that age, in a sport as violent as football, one might think that a QB in Brady’s position might not tempt fate by mocking the possibility of a curse. Brady, though, clearly is not afraid. Staff