By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — As the quarterback for the most successful — and thus, the most hated — franchise in the 21st century, Tom Brady is certainly no stranger to being hated by opposing fan bases. Surely, fans of the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins may never forgive him for two decades of running roughshod over the AFC East.

Brady understands that such things come with the territory. Yet he still can’t understand why Giants fans would ever hate him.

As a brief guest on The Complex Sports Podcast, Brady accepted the apology of one of the hosts — Zion Olojede, a Giants fan — admitting that he used to be a Brady hater.

“That is very kind of you, Zion. I appreciate it,” Brady said. “I got a question for you, though. How could you hate me when you’re a Giants fan? You should LOVE me! That was the only team I never beat. The frickin’ Giants.”

Patriots fans obviously don’t need any reminders about that reality. Brady and the Patriots lost to the Giants in Super Bowl LII, losing their chance at football immortality as the first and only 19-0 team in NFL history. As if that shocking 17-14 loss to Eli Manning and Co. wasn’t painful enough, the Patriots lost their Super Bowl rematch with the Giants four years later in Super Bowl XLVI.

Michael Strahan hits Tom Brady during Super Bowl XLII. (Photo by Jay Drowns/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images)

And even now, after seven Super Bowls, the Giants are the lone playoff opponent that Brady has faced without beating. (He’s beaten 19 different teams in his 34 playoff wins, if you’re keeping track.) Brady said in recent weeks that he’d be willing to trade two of his “other” Super Bowls for that one in 2007, which is no small statement from football’s greatest winner of all time.

At 43 years old, Brady added the Washington Football Team, New Orleans Saints, and Green Bay Packers to that list. But he’s still playing, so he’s hoping he can get his own white whale: a playoff victory over the Giants.

“I appreciate it. You certainly don’t need to apologize. But I understand. Apology accepted. It’s all good,” Brady said. “I gotta figure out how to beat the Giants some day. Maybe we gotta have some type of rematch now that I’m in Tampa in a [conference] championship game.”