By Juli McDonald

BROOKLINE (CBS) – Brookline health leaders Wednesday agreed they would lift the community’s outdoor mask mandate. It had remained in place even after Governor Baker ended the state’s last week. Factors in Brookline’s decision included the low risk of outdoor transmission and also to bolster neighbors’ mental health.

“I’d love that. If I’m out running or biking. I love not having my mask on. Love to get back to normal,” one man said.

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Local and state leaders have stressed though that we know masks work. They are still critically important indoors and in outside cases where 6 feet of social distance is not possible. That’s why down the Cape, an outdoor masking policy is staying in place in Chatham.

“We are expecting an even busier summer in 2021. If you look at bookings it’s really showing a banner season. To keep everyone safe we are going to need our visitors to continue to follow these public health protocols, particularly about wearing masks,” said Mass. State Senator Julian Cyr.

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Outdoor masks are also required in the city of Lawrence – a high risk, red zone.

Back in Brookline, many plan to keep their masks on regardless.

“I think you have to be cautious,” one resident said. “This is not over. Personally I wear it; it’s not going to hurt.”

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Brookline leaders will use the next two weeks for public education and to adjust mask signage. The outdoor mask mandate – if socially distant – will be lifted May 21.

Juli McDonald