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SANDWICH (CBS) – Demolition crews chipped away at a home along Salt Marsh Road in Sandwich, uninhabitable after it was swept into the ocean by coastal flooding after Monday’s storm.

It was a terrifying sight for those who live steps away, seeing the home toppled over and exposed.

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“It’s definitely very scary,” said neighbor Susan Jason. “It certainly tugs at your heartstrings a little bit because a lot of people’s property suffered some serious damage.”

Beachfront homes gave way, collapsing after being battered by intense winds and rain.

A home on Salt Marsh Road in Sandwich is demolished after it was damaged during a storm (WBZ-TV)

Sandwich Fire Chief John Burke says erosion along the shoreline has long been a problem here.

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“The storm did sneak up on us a little bit in terms of you know major storms we see damage like this, this was moderate, ” Burke said. “But again, with compounding storms over the last couple of years, even moderate storms can turn into major ones and in terms of damage as you can see here.”

Damaged beyond repair, crews started tearing down one home, with two others to go.

Homes on Salt Marsh Road in Sandwich were damaged during a nor’easter (WBZ-TV)

“We feel lucky if we can get by a nor’easter or winter without any significant damage,” said neighbor Elise Burden.

Neighbors say the area is a perfect getaway, especially during a pandemic, up until the storm hit.

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Firefighters were worried because people were using their summer homes full-time during the pandemic, but everyone was able to evacuate before the storm. Staff