By Kristina Rex

BOSTON (CBS) – As so many people 75 and older in Massachusetts struggled to get appointments for their COVID-19 vaccine when they opened up on Wednesday, there were some who were successful.

Through the stories of four daughters from across Massachusetts who helped their parents book appointments, the differences in experiences are evident.

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“It only took like three to five minutes. It was really easy,” Lisa Rigby of Providence told WBZ. She helped her dad book an appointment right at midnight, and successfully got him a spot at his local CVS in Fall River without issue. “This is going to be like the Willy Wonka factory, like the golden ticket,” she told WBZ. “We are really excited.”

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For others, the experience wasn’t nearly as smooth. Maureen Boisvert in Richmond, Massachusetts spent hours Wednesday searching for appointments for her mother and uncle. Eventually, she got through after several failed attempts. She told WBZ it was worth the wait, saying the excitement was “palpable.” “I got off the phone and I screamed ‘I’m so excited!’” she explained. “It was almost teary.”

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“I think the process has just added stress on top of stress,” Anne Dimond of Eastham told WBZ. Her experience — while successful — was less than positive. She spent several hours Wednesday helping her parents get appointments, and was only able to get them appointments in Pittsfield, more than 200 miles away, since she couldn’t find any centers closer with open appointments.

Now the family is working to relocate their appointments. “You get to this long awaited moment that you think is going to be the answer…and yet it was still a really complicated frustrating process with an uncertain end,” she told WBZ.

Lauren Fitzgerald of South Hamilton had a similar experience, though she did end up successfully booking her parents’ appointments in Danvers, close to their hometown of Lynn. Before the success, she searched online for hours with no luck. “There just doesn’t seem to be like a centralized system,” she said. “Everything is just all over the map.”

Still, despite the frustrating means to an end, she’s grateful her parents are registered to get a shot next week. “It’s a relief for me to have a relief for them,” Fitzgerald said, “but at the same time it’s a little guilt as well because there were many others who were not able to.”

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Visit Mass.Gov/CovidVaccine to find out when you’re eligible and to book an appointment.

Kristina Rex