By Cheryl Fiandaca

SWAMPSCOTT (CBS) – Charged with breaking and entering at Governor Charlie Baker’s house, Lane Forman calls the allegations, “totally false, totally false I did nothing wrong, I never went inside that house I would never go inside someone’s house unless I was invited in. And Charlie Baker knows that and I’m good friends with Barack Obama who he’s friends with.”

Forman has a spinal cord injury and uses a rollator to walk. He tells the I-Team he went to the governor’s house to drop off documentation and photos showing what he says was the abuse and neglect his mother suffered at a nursing home. Forman said the governor, “knew my mother, he knew my father. My intentions were to drop off the documentation and the pictures so Charlie Baker would know what happened to my mother.”

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He told WBZ, “Right on manila envelope I put on there, ‘you are doing a great job with the virus’ because I really think he is.”

It happened on October 7. The State Police security detail was parked in front of the governor’s house when Forman pulled into the driveway and got out of his car. Police said he then opened an unlocked door leading into the kitchen and went inside.

Lane Forman charged with breaking and entering at Gov. Charlie Baker’s home (WBZ-TV)

“Lauren Baker she saw me,” Forman said. “She saw me that day when I dropped off the envelope. She saw that I didn’t come into the house. I opened storm door she knows I didn’t go into the house she knows me.”

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Police reports said troopers at the scene questioned Forman who told them “don’t expletive with me Charlie told me to drop this off.”

But Forman tells a different story, claiming a trooper in an unmarked SUV across the street saw him and came over to the trooper on the security detail. Forman said he told them he was dropping off the information about his mother.

Gov. Charlie Baker’s house in Swampscott (WBZ-TV)

Troopers let the 59-year-old leave the area, then got a warrant and arrested him two days later. He said he was never there to hurt anyone or threaten anyone. “I would like the case to be dismissed because I did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong I never went into the house,” Forman said. “I just went to drop off the pictures and documentation so Governor Baker would know what really happened. I did this to help and protect my mother.”

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The governor’s office didn’t respond to our request for comment. The Essex County District Attorney’s Office says it cannot comment on pending cases. Forman is due back in Lynn court next month.

Cheryl Fiandaca