BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Marty Walsh said he does not believe crowds gathering to celebrate Joe Biden’s presidential election will increase the risk of coronavirus in Boston.

People celebrated in the streets Saturday after news broke that Biden was projected victorious over President Donald Trump.

“I think most people yesterday were wearing masks. Many of the organizers of the different events even when we were having the marches and rallies, we work with the organizers to encourage people to have masks on,” said Walsh. Yesterday, as I looked at the picture across America, I saw almost every single person out there celebrating with a mask on. In D.C., in Philadelphia, out on the west coast in L.A. and other places.”

Walsh said he continues to encourage anyone coming into the city to wear a mask.

“We’re asking people if you’re coming in today, or if you’re going to be celebrating, even if you’re celebrating at your house, be careful,” said Walsh. “The virus is still very much here. As we’ve seen the last few weeks here, we’ve seen an increase in the virus. We want to get that number down. Right now the way to do that is by wearing a mask.”

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  1. JimStark says:

    Don’t listen to Marty! If you want to celebrate this election, please do so without a mask or social distancing.

    1. larry Raisman says:

      But totally listen to a random anonymous person on the internet? lmao

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