BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker on Monday issued a series of new rules to try and halt the surge of coronavirus cases being reported in the state. Among his actions is an executive order mandating the early closure of certain businesses and activities every night.

“Our message here is very simple. We can’t afford to continue to do what are we doing,” Baker said at a news conference.

Starting Friday, restaurants, some stores and other businesses will have to shut down between 9:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. Below is a list of the affected businesses and activities provided by Baker’s office:

Restaurants (in-person dining must cease at 9:30 PM, although takeout and delivery may continue for food and non-alcoholic beverages, but not alcohol)

Liquor stores and other retail establishments that sell alcohol must cease alcohol sales at 9:30 PM (but may continue to sell other products)

Adult-use marijuana sales must cease at 9:30 PM (not including medical marijuana)

Indoor & outdoor events

Theaters/movie theaters (including drive-in movie theaters), and performance venues (indoor and outdoor)

Youth and adult amateur sports activities

Golf facilities

Recreational boating and boating businesses

Outdoor recreational experiences

Casinos and horse tracks/simulcast facilities

Driving and flight schools

Zoos, botanical gardens, wildlife reserves, nature centers

Close contact personal services (such as hair and nail salons)

Gyms, Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

Indoor and outdoor pools

Museums/cultural & historical facilities/guided tours

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  1. Alan Parks says:

    Wake up people your rights are being taken away. They are lying to you.

  2. William Benderson says:

    @Alan Parks: Who is this “they” you’re babbling about? Some vast conspiracy, dredged up from the slime-pit of your evil fantasies? The delusions of morons like you has cost more Americans their lives than all our wars since WW2 put together.

  3. JimStark says:

    Yes, it makes perfect sense. /sarc. Reduce the hours so people will have to crowd in at the same time.

    1. glenn edward davis says:

      Makes sense to Charlie. I’m sure that the need to sate his inner Fasc will be over when the reelection campaign starts.

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