BOSTON (CBS) – Gov. Charlie Baker announced Monday a series of new coronavirus restrictions for Massachusetts, including a curfew for businesses, reduction of the indoor gathering limit, and a tighter face mask mandate.

A stay-at-home advisory will be put into place from 10 p.m.-5 a.m. beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday. Between those hours, residents should stay home with exceptions like going to work or the grocery store.

Baker signed an executive order that requires indoor recreation facilities, theaters, casinos, and other entertainment venues to close at 9:30 p.m. Restaurants will be required to stop providing table service at 9:30 p.m., but can provide takeout.

“Our message here is very simple. We can’t afford to continue to do what are we doing,” Baker said. “We want to do everything in our power to avoid reverting back to Phase 1 or Phase 2 of our reopening plan, but that requires us all to step up and make some changes.”

The limit for indoor gatherings at private homes has been reduced to 10 people. The outdoor gathering limit has been set at 25 people. Indoor and outdoor events at homes or event venues must end by 9:30 p.m.

Massachusetts is also updating its face covering order to require everyone above the age of five years old to wear a face covering in public, even if social distancing can be maintained.

“The mask requirement remains what I would describe as guidance. But the difference here is we’re eliminating the six-foot spread. We’re basically saying if you go out in public wear a mask,” said Baker.

As of last week, 121 communities in Massachusetts are now considered high risk for coronavirus.

A total of 28 communities have already rolled back a step in the state’s reopening process.

Despite the increased numbers, Baker said it is critical not to shut down the ecomony or schools.

“What we should not do to deal with these trends is shut down our economy, or close our schools to deal with this,” Baker said. “Schools are not spreaders here, or anywhere else. It’s been proven now – over and over and over again – by real life experience and longitudinal studies.”

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  1. JOHN J DUMAS says:

    When will the stories start recognizing the deadliness of this CV is treading toward the same as a normal flue? As far as I can see it has gone from 6-7 times as deadly to about 2.

    1. Carol Bannon says:

      Baker needs to be reigned in…the fatality rate has continued to decline…
      We do NOT need to be ordered to stay home in AMERICA….
      Totalitarian rule is going to happen if Biden gets in …more power, more orders from Charlie Parker

    2. Carol Bannon says:

      The gov of CA had his obnoxious orders overturned by the Supreme Court.
      HE had identical mandates.
      These are unconstitutional…and unconstitutional laws do NOT have to be followed.

  2. Jeff Tracy says:

    Charlie Baker has ZERO constitutional authority. NONE. The MA Supreme Court better rule against this clown now; otherwise, the US Supreme Court will. He knows this, but goes forward because he can wait for a “court decision”. Well, the US Constitution does not take a back seat for “a curfew for businesses”. WE WILL NOT WEAR A FACE COVERING IN PUBLIC. WE ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT THE AIR. BAKER HAS NO AUTHORITY TO TELL ANYONE HOW TO BREATHE.

    1. Carol Bannon says:

      CA Governor was just ordered to stand down by the Supreme Court.
      HE too ordered NO Thanksgiving – and issued fines (he and Parker must have colluded)

      OUR Supreme Court needs to issue stand down orders to Baker too.

  3. nunya says:

    Illegal order.

    1. Bugsy says:

      God, can’t you even read?!! It says right in the article that this is “guidance.” It’s not an order. He’s just giving you advice on mask wearing, in order to try to save your stupid life. You guys need to go live with the rest of your kind in North Dakota. Free to die and take all the other idiots with you.

      1. New World Disorder says:

        How many people do you know that have died from the Covid?

      2. Stick Man says:

        Look Bugsy before you blow your little top off, the headline starts with ‘Baker Orders’. You seem to have a bit of a comprehension problem yourself. If you want to have a problem then go complain to CBS in Boston not that they’d care about misleading the citizens. They are after all, just a private business exploiting covid to make money. They don’t exist to help the population in any way. Not sure why you’d care or how you might benefit from govt. over-reaching its bounds, but no one cares to listen to your little hissy fit.

  4. John says:

    The limit for indoor gatherings is 10 people so why are schools open and not emote only. Virus does not care

  5. Frank DeLorey says:

    Welcome to the People’s Republic of Maskachusetts….check your Constitutional rights at the border.

  6. Imagine being so stupid you think wearing a mask is a bad thing.

    1. Stick Man says:

      Imagine being so stupid that you would allow another citizen to tell you what to do even though they don’t have the right. Totalitarian societies such as Nazi Germany or today’s communist China have shown that very bad things happen when the ordinary citizens give up their rights and just do what they’re told. Anyone with a basic understanding of human history knows this. Unfortunately many people proudly claim they know nothing about history and therefore never learn anything from it.

  7. Michelle Ligus says:

    This is a joke and we are adults! We have the Constitutional right to live! NO where in the entire county is has such overbearing restrictions! We have civil liberties and they ARE being violated by Charlie Baker.

  8. MMM says:

    Imagine being so stupid so as to follow rules unsupported by the evidence. Do your research, you sheep. The mortality rate differs not one bit from the seasonal flu. Stop being mesmerized by the lapdog media. Pathetic….

  9. Covidiot says:

    Of course it’s the covidiots who refuses to follow scientific evidence that ruins it for us all.

    1. MMM says:

      If we are lucky, Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection will apply to you my friend.

  10. Michael Murphy says:

    Baker said. “Schools are not spreaders here, or anywhere else. It’s been proven now – over and over and over again – by real life experience and longitudinal studies.”
    Doesnt that tell you something you SFI!!!!

  11. CharlieFromMass says:

    Even the WHO is now advising against all lockdowns and shutdowns, and they’re as authoritarian as you can possibly get.

    The CDC released a study in September that said the compliance muzzles are ineffective, and that was squelched by most of the press.

    This at best is all window dressing, an illusion to make people feel safe. All of this over a virus with an aggregate survival rate of roughly 97%. Think all these mandates work? Check what happened in Hawaii and Hong Kong. They locked down tighter than almost anywhere else on the planet. The result? Some of the highest per-capital rates of “the coof” in the world

    This is all a control game, a power grab, and people don’t have the spine enough to stand up to it.

  12. Frank Rizzo says:

    I got a rake today.

  13. Don Scanlon says:

    FU Charlie Parker…. You have to live your life without being afraid of death !!
    Yes, it is a dangerous virus, you did need to be considerate of other people but the Beacon Hill Chicken Littles are exceeding their constitutional authority. He can just go S**T in his hat !

  14. MAGA again says:

    Anyone want to explain how the virus spreads more during the overnight hours? If anything, businesses should be encourage to keep longer hours since it would reduce crowding.

    1. Frank DeLorey says:

      Exactly!!! They close exits and entrances and force everyone to use one door. They shorten hours and force more people to crowd in just brain dead policies.

    2. Johnny T says:

      This chinese bat flu comes out in force at night.. just like a vampire. Baker knows these things. We uneducated comrades are too dumb. That’s why he provides his expert guidance so we can live in harmony.

    3. JimStark says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Less hours = more concentrated people or it forces the establishments turn people away and they are already hurting for business.
      What will this clown do if there are protesters (actually usually they are rioters)? Will he want to stop them? would he have the guts or the brains?

    4. Stick Man says:

      Ah using logic with a politician. That never works.

  15. TeaPartyVik says:

    “residents should stay him with exceptions like going to work or the grocery store.”….. Stay him?? Great work editors. Also, no exception for pharmacy or going to the doc? You liberal loons find that to be acceptable?

  16. RegisteredRepublicans4Biden says:

    So weird that a Boston news story comment section is overrun by foaming at the mouth conlaw expert republicans

    1. Stick Man says:

      Mass politicians may want to take note. You can push sheep too far.

  17. Lawrence says:

    Baker can suck it. No one is required to follow anything he says period.

  18. finagin mostdefinitely says:

    can i go down the christ forsaken sidewalk outside my house maskless or does that technically break the new rules serious question not that i intend to follow the rules

  19. disgruntled says:

    GFY Baker!

  20. TADS says:

    this is what you get from the new democratic party. your rights are gone .
    if Joe wins . Liz gets a cabinet job in put a democrat in her place.
    maybe give Joe K jr.

    1. Mike says:

      Wait! Isn’t Baker, a republican, the one that has, as you stated made “your rights (are) gone”?

      1. Stick Man says:

        A Mass Republican equals a Democrat by any other state’s measure.

  21. JimStark says:

    When I walk my dogs I am not going to wear a mask. If people are scared, they should avoid me (that is a win win win ). If I get turned in and someone tries to fine me, the person who turned me in will regret it.

    1. Johnny T says:

      Good! Scared people need to go back to the basement like Sleepy Joe.

  22. Steve C says:

    Let me get this straight, “Charlie Parker:” a bunch of 20 something doofuses go to a rave, so now the rest of us — who have basically constantly been at home, in nearly-empty offices, or in parks/outdoors, are now ordered to be muzzled by the Führer of Massachusetts at all times?

    And what on God’s green earth does 10PM-5AM have to do with anything? I know it’s technically the Wuhan bat flu, but COVID is from a virus, not a vampire.

    Screw that. We’ve been VERY compliant. But if you’re going to be utterly ridiculous, you do not deserve any respect, or compliance, AT ALL.

    Time for some “mask” disobedience.

    1. Stick Man says:

      Well 10pm to 5am does contain the witching hour so it may have some effect on satanic activities. Just a thought as these things do seem to matter when it comes to Massachusetts law. You never know what they may be brewing up in Salem.

  23. Rich G says:

    Totally and completely unconstitutional. I will NOT comply with any of his illegal orders. I hope the police refuse to enforce these unconstitutional mandates and direct their attention to the real problems…the threat of election day violence from the LEFT!!!

  24. Dear Governor Baker,
    I am a bartender in the great state of Massachusetts. I have been in the restaurant biz my whole adult life. I have worked all over Boston & all over the suburbs. You are KILLING us. I still cannot believe that you wouldn’t even pitch in the extra 100 when were got 300 a week from Pres orders. HOW are we going to survive ?????? So every biz can be open but us is how I see this. The liquor stores are booming, so aren’t grocery & home improvement, but please tell me it’s all essential. You want me to stay home, PAY ME !!!!!

  25. joe gamba says:

    Some people strain the limits of rationality. Tis is a freaking pandemic. Over 230,000 American’s are dead. Over 9,000,000 cases have been recorded (and that on the low side.) and people want to argue over public health guidelines ( NOT orders), about wearing masks and avoiding crowds. What possesses these people? It is certainly not concern for other people. It is MY perceived rights, my anger, my not wanting to be told what to do. Indefensible.

    1. Stick Man says:

      I’m sorry, but people who are losing their jobs and businesses absolutely have the right to be angry about being forced to shut down. You appear to be lucky in that your are unaffected, but your attitudes towards those who are suffering is extremely sad. We understand you only care about yourself, but that’s no reason for you to waste time getting angry at those who are having real problems because of this. I’m lucky in that I do software at home anyway, but it bothers me that others are being hurt by this. You are free to go back to being selfish and enjoying how lucky you must be, but no reason to lash out at those having problems. And this is a pandemic in much the same way the flu is a pandemic. Hardly and reason to shut down the entire world.

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