CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — The United Kingdom is reviewing the coronavirus vaccine developed by Cambridge-based Moderna. Here in the U.S., the vaccine is still under Phase 3 of its clinical trial.

Ohio radiologist Lisa Majeski is one of 30,000 enrolled in Moderna’s Phase 3 trial.

“For the first shot, I just had some really minimal body aches on the second day and for the second shot, I had a low grade fever on the second day and more, I would say moderate body aches, but I just took some ibuprofen and I felt fine,” she said.

Phase 3 is critical to determine if the vaccine works, said Dr. Lindsey Baden, director of Clinical Research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of Infectious Diseases. He is one of the investigators working on the study.

“We hope that we stop transmission completely but if we stop individuals from getting sick from COVID, that’s an important advance,” said Baden.

Participants are monitored but not told if they are getting the actual vaccine or a placebo.

Majeski thinks she knows what she got.  “I can draw my own conclusions because I didn’t’ feel well later and had a fever but theoretically that could have been all random.”

The vaccine is being tested to be sure it works and that it is safe, so when it becomes available, people will not be afraid to get it.

“You cannot get a COVD infection from this, these are pieces of the virus to deliver to the immune system so we develop an immune response. There is no live virus, you cannot get COVID from these vaccines,” said Baden.

Once the vaccine receives government approval, Baden said the vaccine could be available within two-to-three months.

Cheryl Fiandaca


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