FOXBORO (CBS) — Cam Newton is back. And in case that wasn’t abundantly clear already, Cam made sure everybody knew of his arrival when he showed up to work on Sunday morning after missing time due to COVID-19.

Newton arrived at Gillette Stadium wearing a sharp three-piece suit with — of course — a matching hat and a bright red pocket square to really tie the outfit together.

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Sunday best.

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It wasn’t quite as eye-popping as some of his wardrobe choices earlier in the season, but it’s a solid look nonetheless.

Once he took the field for early warmups, Newton had changed into a Patriots-colored sweatshirt that featured the word “LOVE” written in the unique font choice that Newton uses for most of his social media posts.

Cam Newton (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

Fashion is, of course, an important element for Newton, who recently explained why he pays such attention to his clothing.

“I’m really into fashion, and any time I have opportunity to see magazines, news clippings or articles about fashion, I’m all for it,” Newton said a few weeks ago. “So when I have my opportunity for people to see me, I just want them to be able to see my expression and to have me express myself in a way that does not require me to open my mouth.”

Playing football is of course also an important matter for Newton. And on Sunday morning, before heading off to work, Newton posted a bit of a pump-up video on his Instagram page.

That video featured a clip of Rocky Balboa from “Creed II,” in which Rocky speaks to Adonis Johnson before a fight: “You know there’s only three steps into that ring. Just three. And tonight it’s gonna look higher than a mountain. And when you climb through them ropes, it’s gonna be the loneliest place in the world because you’re gonna be in there with another fighter who wants to take you out. So now you’ve gotta ask yourself: Are you here to prove something to other people, or prove something to yourself?”

Newton missed the Patriots’ Week 4 game in Kansas City after testing positive for COVID-19 days before the game was scheduled to be played. With the Patriots’ game against the Broncos getting pushed back another week, Newton was able to be cleared for play. Based on his pregame arrival — in person and online — it seems like he’s as ready as can be.


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