BOSTON (CBS/AP) – Columbus Day is Monday and it’s still a federal holiday but there has been a growing movement to have it replaced.

Columbus Day marks Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas in 1492. But several states, counties and cities are celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead Monday.

Columbus was one of the first Europeans in the New World, credited by many for discovering America. However, critics say his trip began the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Columbus is also criticized for his violent treatment and killing of Native Americans, who see him as a racist.

That’s led to the push to rename the second Monday in October Indigenous People’s Day. In Massachusetts, Cambridge and Somerville have adopted the holiday.

On Saturday, the North American Indian Center of Boston marched through parts of the city demanding the Mayor and City Council end the annual celebration of Columbus Day. The group also wants Christopher Columbus Park in Boston to be renamed and all Columbus statues in the city removed.

The statue of Columbus that stood in the Boston park was removed in June after it was beheaded. It was the third time it was vandalized since 2006.

The city is repairing the statue and Mayor Marty Walsh announced last week it will be put in a new development being built by the Knights of Columbus.

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  1. JOHN J DUMAS says:

    You do not hide 1/2 the truth because of the other 1/2. Tell the whole story. Whitewashing history does no one any good. The WHY is only explained if you know the whole story.

  2. Tamara Walsh says:

    I always wondered why we celebrated Columbus Day in the first place. He is touted as discovering the Americas…well, no. He stumbled across the land mass of Hispaniola, thinking it was India. He never stepped foot in North, Central or South America. Conversely, why must every group have its own day? Picture 2 guys meeting at, say, a 4th of July parade and they start talking about their backgrounds:
    John: “I’m 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Swedish. You?”
    Joe: “I’m an Indigenous Person”.

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