ARLINGTON (CBS) – A nine-year-old boy from Arlington went back to school Thursday, two days after he was sent home for sneezing. Lancinet Keita has been cleared by his doctor to return to class.

“I’m so excited, and I’m happy about it. He’s going back to school healthy,” Thierno Keita, Lancinet’s father, told WBZ-TV.

Lancinet said he sneezed two times at Bishop Elementary School Tuesday and his teacher told him to go to the nurse. Thierno said he then got a call from the nurse asking him to come pick up his son.

Lancinet said he felt fine, but the fourth grade student was told he could not to return to school until he got a negative COVID-19 test.

“They asked him to do the COVID-19 test, and we did it over the phone, and the doctor called me a couple times,” said Thierno.

Following the test, the doctor sent a note, officially clearing Lancinet of the coronavirus.

Now that he has tested negative, Lancinet is excited to get back to his routine.

“School is fun, and there’s a lot more to learn in school,” the nine-year-old said.

In a statement Tuesday, the school said the decision to send Lancinet home “was made both out of an abundance of caution and in accordance with district protocols related to COVID-19.”

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  1. Richard Ressijac says:

    Please be aware that the thermometer reading of 38.9C in your segment is a Temperature of 102+ F, a very high fever!

  2. Jaci says:

    This is nuts. Kids get colds, sneeze, clear their throats, get viruses. Now they miss school and have to go home because of sniffles? No discretion for kids who get sick? Covid is very rare, and even if kids get it , 99.997% chance of recovery. Time for this psychotic madness to stop. Kids sneezing and getting sick even after being forced to mask and stay 6 feet apart. Time for people to come to their senses here.

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