UPDATE: Arlington 4th Grader Sent Home For Sneezing Cleared To Return To School Thursday

ARLINGTON (CBS) – A father in Arlington said his nine-year-old son was sent home from Bishop Elementary School because he was sneezing. The fourth grade student was told he could not to return until he gets a negative Covid-19 test.

“I sneezed two times then the teacher told me to go to the nurse,” said Lancinet Keita.

Lancinet says he felt fine, but those sneezes sent him to the nurse’s office where he had to wait for his dad to pick him up.

“I was thinking I didn’t have anything just a couple sneezes,” Lancinet said.

Lancinet Keita (WBZ-TV)

Thierno Keita says he got a call from the school nurse Tuesday morning that caught him by surprise.

“I’ve been so upset about it,” Thierno Keita said. “I’m so upset about sending my kid home.”

Keita said his son was OK when he left for school and also had no symptoms when he picked him up. Now he says his son needs to take a Covid-19 test to be allowed back.

“He don’t have any symptoms no one and he’s OK,” Thierno said. “And I checked his temperature everything was perfect. His temperature was OK. It’s OK.”

Thierno even took his son’s temperature in front of the WBZ camera to show he doesn’t have a fever.

Lancinet’s father says they will get a test, and hopefully have the results quickly so he can get back to school.

Statement from Bishop Elementary School:

“A student at Bishop Elementary School was sent home early today after he displayed COVID-19 related symptoms. This decision was made both out of an abundance of caution and in accordance with district protocols related to COVID-19. This isolated incident is not indicative of any need for wider concern of COVID-19 exposure. Per district protocols, the student will either have to produce a negative COVID-19 test, written documentation from a health care provider stating it is an alternative illness or be symptom free for 10 days following the start of the symptoms.”

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  1. JOHN J DUMAS says:

    At airports you get the test back in 1/2 an hour. This is just more government dysfunction. Take temperature, test, watch a cartoon, get the result called back, go back to class.

  2. DK says:

    My son sniffled his nose a couple times and was sent home for 10 days. They aren’t messing around.

  3. mark says:

    fearful selfish teacher;ignorant administration. sneezing isn’t even a symptom!

  4. Tim Holt says:

    Just more of the mental disease of liberalism on display yet again for all to see and ridicule. Liberalism is truly the mental disease of the worthless in America.

  5. Richard Ettinger says:

    the scary part, these are the morons teaching our children. fire them all.

    1. Dennis says:

      Reading comprehension is important. The nurse sent him home, not the teacher.

  6. DearLC says:

    This absolute madness must stop. It is nothing but unreasonable fear producing panic that harms everyone.

  7. some person says:

    Why is this child’s face being plastered all over this article? Unbelievable. Ever think of his safety and well-being?

    1. Kevin Nelson says:

      Obviously his parents allowed it. They called the media.

  8. Tracy says:

    Their goal is to close down. Go remote – 500 kids per class and fire all of the teachers. Permanent closing!

  9. Jack Carter says:

    So, I guess there was no possibility he had some reaction to an airborne particulate, or just had to sneeze (as the body sometimes does just to clear the nasal passage).

    He sneezed twice, soooo it’s probably COVID.

    Good thing the Seven Dwarfs aren’t around now. One of them would be permanently expelled and placed in a nursing home.

  10. Mike says:

    Did you notice the poor boy was African-American?

    1. Kevin Nelson says:

      So what?

  11. A J says:

    I feel for the kid, but until adults do their own part with wearing mask, hand washing, practicing social distance etc … Basically… America doesn’t have a handle on this!…. Hope the young man test negative for his own well being and health! .. C19 not the flu people!

  12. Chris says:

    Very divisive reporting, pitting school staff against parents. Children often have mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all. Did the reporter interview the school nurse – I am very sure she did an assessment and followed district protocol.

  13. Ed says:

    Who’s paying for the test?
    Public Education is supposed to be free of charge….

  14. MacFad says:

    That teacher should be personally liable to pay for the unnecessary COVID test!

    1. Kevin Nelson says:

      And you know it is unneccessary how, exactly?

  15. Sneezing is a violent germ spreading activity. I agree sending an offender away from others until an assessment can be made determining the behavior to be temporary, and will not be likely to continue.
    If you want your own preferred safety policy for your child, then do your part to abolish the corrupt institution of public education. You can’t complain about a service that is forced upon you.

  16. ewald says:

    I usually sneeze about 3 times in the morning at this time of year due to pollen allergies. Hone done all my life. Bright sun does it too.Must’ve had covid for the last 70 years.

    1. Kevin Nelson says:

      Doesnt mean you have Covid but it does mean if you did, you’d be at greater risk of spreading it. Kind of obvious. And since children can have it and be asymptomatic, I think it was a good idea to have him tested. he gets a day or two at home, and he either comes back and all is well, or they saved a lot of people from potentially getting it.

  17. Timothy Dill says:

    Well…. did the school inform the parents of the rest of the class that they might have been exposed? Other kids need to make sure to isolate for 2 weeks as well. If this is not the case then the school did not believe this one to really be a danger and he should not have been sent home

    1. Mises says:

      That is a great point! In a free country that followed the standard principles of law and responsibility. A civil arbitrator would surely bring this up if anyone were later injured as a result of failing to do so. Unfortunately when you have government protectionism and illusionary controls everywhere, the proper victims never receive justice appropriately, and those responsibility fall back on the public. This intensive structure is doomed for failure. Search google for “Ron Paul curriculum” for inexpensive at home schooling. Take the control and responsibility back.

      1. Mises says:

        responsibilities* incentive*

  18. richard fournier says:


  19. sewnsl says:

    200,000 people dead and millions infected. People needing lung transplants to recover. Previously healthy 21-year-olds having heart attacks after having this disease. Children developing multiple system involvement. This disease is not something to trifle with – it attacks the lungs, heart, vascular system, digestive system, kidneys, liver, and brain. These are all facts

    Schools do not want to be sued because they were not sending potentially infectious students home. They want to be able to do in-person learning as long as possible.

    Stop thinking in terms of liberals vs. conservatives. Think in terms of what can we do to come out healthy on the other side of this. It is more contagious than the flu and more virulent than polio and chicken pox combined.

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