BOSTON (CBS) — “The Supreme Court is too important to rush and must be removed from partisan political infighting,” Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker tweeted Saturday morning, hours after the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“The passing of Justice Ginsburg is not only a loss for the court but for the entire nation, and I urge President Trump and the U.S. Senate to allow the American people to cast their ballots for President before a new justice is nominated or confirmed,” Baker said.

Earlier Saturday, President Trump tweeted, “We were put in this position of power and importance to make decisions for the people who so proudly elected us, the most important of which has long been considered to be the selection of the United States Supreme Court Justices. We have this obligation, without delay!”

Presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden told reporters the next few days should focus on Ginsburg’s legacy and “the voters should pick the president. The president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the longest-serving woman on the U.S. Supreme Court. She will be remembered as a strong liberal voice and a champion for women’s rights.

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  1. no we shouldn’t, the rule of law supersedes your emotional needs. you are an incompetent leader baker. RINOS SUCK

    1. coch01 says:

      but it was OK back in 2016? You’re a typical new republican wannabe. Look at POTUS for a real RINO. He switches parties more that wives. He was dem, then reform, then independent, and dem. He’s only Republican now because no one in the DNC would consider allowing that POS to run on their ticket.

      1. L O L i voted for ron paul and obama the first time. i don’t need to hear anything from a soy child like you. demorats are worthless. what do they add? corruption? the DNC is corrupt, even your own party members think so. Trump is the best POTUS since JFK

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