BOSTON (CBS) – Michelle Wu has made it official. She’s running to be Mayor of Boston in 2021.

Wu, a Boston City Councilor since 2013, formally announced her candidacy for mayor Tuesday morning by releasing a video in three languages. She is 35 years old and a graduate of Harvard Law School.

“I’m Michelle Wu and I’m running for mayor to make Boston a city for everyone,” Wu said in her announcement video.

She took no time to start campaigning. “Today we’re going to be across the city we’re going to be making sure to have conversations in every single community.”

“We are a city that should be for everyone. Boston has the resources, the activism, the ideas, we just need bold leadership that’s connected to our communities,” Wu said.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said last week Wu called him to let him know about her decision to run.

“I want to commend Councilor Wu on her decision,” Walsh said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. “I have a great respect for her, or anyone who runs for office. I look forward to more conversations about how we can move our city forward.”

Walsh has not committed to running for a third term. No incumbent mayor in Boston has been unseated in more than 70 years.

Wu will host several events this week throughout the city to meet with voters.


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