By Tiffany Chan

SUDBURY (CBS) – A day after a large student party forced Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School to switch to remote learning for the start of the school year, parents are now chiming in.

The Sudbury Board of Health announced the switch on Saturday for Lincoln-Sudbury after police broke up a party on Friday. Prior to the party, the school had planned on beginning the year with hybrid learning.

“It’s just unfortunate because everyone else pays the price.” said Mary Lussier, a parent of a student at Lincoln-Sudbury. “You can’t take chances and there are consequences.”

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School principal Bella Wong wrote in a statement on Saturday that police were called to the party and around 15 students ran into the woods.

Wong alerted parents that when police arrived, more than a dozen students ran into the woods. Meanwhile, some students that talked to police gave fake names, making it more difficult to trace attendees for the coronavirus.

Parents like Lussier are applauding the move to switch to remote learning.

“I think the biggest thing right now is not thinking about the consequences of how this is going to spread to all their difference families and so on and so on. This is how the numbers grow,” said Lussier.

But some parents disagree, saying the decision was made too quickly.

“I’m not necessarily sure that was the right decision,” said Erin Treanor, another parent of a child attending Lincoln-Sudbury. “I think you have to balance it, and next week they’re all going to be mingling anyway.”

Principal Wong hopes this is a reminder for families to monitor symptoms and stay away from large crowds.

Tiffany Chan

  1. Richard E Marshall says:

    This whole story lacks any critique of the parents whose home was used. Were they fined $500 for having more than 25 people at a party? Was anyone charged for having an underaged drinking party in their home? Something is seeming to be whitewashed in this situation.

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