SUDBURY (CBS) – The Sudbury Board of Health announced on Saturday that Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School must start with remote learning for at least 14 days after police broke up a student party the night before.

“I was very disappointed to share that I learned this morning that there was a crowded indoor and outdoor party Friday evening that involved alcohol and complete lack of safety precautions to protect against the spread of COVID,” wrote Bella Wong, the Superintendent of the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District and principal of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, in a statement on Saturday.

According to Wong, police were called to the party and around 15 students ran into the woods. She said police collected names from 32 other individuals, and 13 of those names were made up.

“That means at least 13 plus 15 (28) known to be on site are unaccounted for,” said Wong in her statement. “If these students had been identified they could be requested to be isolated from school, monitored and tested.”

The district had planned on using a hybrid model for high school kids to start the year.

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  1. Frank DeLorey says:

    Conform or be punished…wow what are we teaching our kids…

  2. Martin Walsh says:

    Our kids are being taught to be good prisoners. But that’s ok, you should continue to ridicule the people who point out this FACT, at least until it’s too late. The kids might not realize it now, but they will come to understand you weren’t there for them when they needed you most. Nice work parents!

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