PLYMOUTH (CBS) – Someone poured white paint all over Plymouth Rock overnight. The vandalism was discovered early Friday morning and has been cleaned up.

Plymouth Police told WBZ-TV they’re looking into it.

“They shouldn’t be put in jail,” Plymouth resident Bill Collins said. “They should be out here doing community service, and clean it up.”

The rock was spray-painted red back in February and police later charged a 17-year-old in that incident.

“Why? It’s just disheartening to see,” said Nick Failla, Plymouth Superintendent of Parks. “Because after February, when a lot of the monuments got hit, and now it’s happening again.”

The rock marks the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower to North America and is known symbolically as the ‘Landing Place of the Pilgrims.’

According to the state, more than a million visitors come to Pilgrim Memorial State Park each year to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II museum.

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  1. mark says:


  2. Robin says:

    It should be noted that the Pilgrims first landed in Provincetown, not Plymouth. That being noted, vandalism in never acceptable.

  3. Alberto Romerez says:

    Perhaps your spoiled brat malcontent children would be less disrespectful and disruptive if you stopped filling their heads with marxist liberal garbage. What more do you morons need to see to make you take a good look in the mirror, while you’re busy looking for the reasons why these types of things keep happening? Liberalism = chaos.

  4. Buck says:

    When Confederate monuments were attacked folks in the north did not care. Now that they have finished that, these anarchists want more things to tear down. Christopher Columbus has been torn down, George Washington, even US Grant. By giving in to them they are winning and now they are looking for targets to vandalize and destroy. Nobody will be safe until somebody stands up to them.

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